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clear phlegm


My son's asthma, after being really well controlled for a couple of years, but seems to have got worse recently. Although there are lots of colds going round I think its actually been triggered by an allergy(he has purple rings under his eyes and his skin looks irritated - which have usually been sign of allergy). He has his ""asthma cough"" back again, and is coughing up a lot of clear phlegm. I'm just wondering if anyone knows if this phlegm is related to asthma or if its just something that happens with a usual winter cough and cold.


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not sure how old your son is but I have lots of clear mucus that makes my Asthma worse by

coughing and blocking my airways.

Keep an eye on it and see your doc if becomes more of a problem as their are tablets

for mucus to help stop it.

Hope hes ok and gets through a cold winter with not to many blips xxx


Mine too is clear and bubbly when I have the asthma cough but now that I have the preventer inhaler my cough is well under control. Hope your son gets better soon



Thanks for the messages, will keep an eye on it.


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