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Recently diagnosed - glue ear too

Hi. My 3 year old has recently been diagnosed with asthma. Main/only real symptom being a cough, (until recently) mainly at night. I've identified that house dust mite is a probable trigger, but I think this is not the only one. I feel really lost in trying to work out triggers, I'm sure I will get there. At the same time she was diagnosed with glue ear which I am led to believe could be due to allergy too. We have to go for another hearing test and if there is no improvement then we will be referred with a view to grommet surgery. If at all possible I would like to bring the allergies under control to avoid this but GP is being really unhelpful by suggesting anything you can do to get dustmite allergy etc undercontrol is pointless/a money making scheme and I am far better off giving daughter more medication. Does any one have any experience of this (particularly glue ear) and any advice.

Many thanks.

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we always give antihisthamine at night before bed which seems to help a little. This was perscribed via GP.

then all the usual things, anti allergy bedding, hoover matress, cuddly toys in freezer etc.

glue ear is very common, as are grommet operations.

you could enquire about allergy testing (though most GPs are reluctant to refer for this)

we only managed to get this referal through A&E, but it does help to know what your child is allergic too, we attend allergy clinic annualy.


Thank you. Its reassuring to know that this is common. I have asked GP for allergy testing but to no avail. I think we will wait for the result of the next hearing test before we go any further down this road. I read somewhere that with glue ear- if its relate to allergy- addressing the allergy reduces the need for surgery by 89% (or thats what one study suggested). I'm sure this would help with the asthma too.


our GP refused to allergy test when we asked, even after a reaction to nuts (where we had taken him to local A&E) But then when he was admitted to yorkhill childrens hosp following an asthma attack, they referred him to allergy clinic. They also dx his asthma at yorkhill (which GP had also said was not having an asthma attack it was croup). Yorkhill were very helpful, listened to history, past reactions, problems etc, admitted him and referred for allergy testing.

Though its unfair that people have to get to that stage before any real action is taken.


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