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Fluticasone inhaler

Hi there, this is my first post so bare with me :). My daughter is 3 years old and has a ventoline inhaler ince she was 10 months. At 2 years when they could officially say she had asthma they gave her a preventive (the brown one) The dose of which goes up and down as she can go months with no asthma symptoms and then the moment she gets a cold or infection her inhalers do nothing and are on prednisolone (which i have lost count of the times she been on in past 2 years). This is now her second lot of them in 2 months and her normally 5 day course has done nothing so is now on another 6 days of them. The doctor has decided its time they did something to prevent the asthma flare ups and given her a Fluticasone inhaler. I have been reading the leaflet and stuff online about it and its not normally given to children under 4 and if it is they height shoud be monitor. He didnt meantion anything about this but did say if given in heigh does can affect height and bone densty but she is only on 200mcg a day. Has anyone else had one of these inhalers for their child? did their height have to me monitored?

I am glad they are doing something about her asthma as i was concerned about the amount of Prednisolone she was on but when i brought up with asthma nurse she kinda just strugged it off. I am now seeing a different asthma nurse on 22nd to discuse a plan for her finally.

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Hi, my little boy is on this , has been since he was 3 and has much better asthma control.

His consultant monitors his height and weight every four months and he is growing fine.

Hope this eases your mind a little.

Jakeys mum (helen)


Thanks they have up her dose for the next few days to max dose for a 4 year old but it only for few days to help get abit more control over her asthma. I will meantion it to asthma nurse on 22nd as no has said about monitoring her height.

Fingers crossed this helps get control of it.


Hi my 4 year old daughter has been on this for 18 months

And we have noticed a dramatic difference. We see a asthma consultant at

Our local hospital every 3 months to monitor her asthma care and her height and weight(growth)

. We had previously tried singulair which didn't do anything neither did the brown inhaler. Previously my daughter was on oral steroids every month triggered by viral or bacterial infections. If a cold was going she would get it. Since she has been on the orange inhaler it is a vast improvement I only wish they had tried it earlier and understand they use with caution but when you have a child coughing their guts up day and night we try anything that might help. Also a big change for us is using a humidifier we bought the Vicks one. If you ever want more I fo please do not hesitate to contact me. Dealing with an asthmatic child, is physically and emotionally draining and I think we need to obtain as much information as possible to empower us to help our children. Also too tip is get your child under a peaditrician whose speciality is asthma. A gp and an asthma nurse can I ly do so

Much. Best of luck :)


Thanks, when I saw the doctor on wednesday they said next step is to refer her to peditricion if she has another episod like this one. She cant walk to nursery without coughing this week only 5 min walk its horrible and she keeps asking me to make her cough go away. I hoping the orange one with help.

Did anyone notice when the child started using it a change in their behavour?? I know with the oral steroids and the blue inhaler she is going be hyper so that why he up'd her orange one so we could cut down on blue, but she has been like a child possesed. She not an angel child anyway but normally well behaved but yesterday she pinched a girl at nursery and shopping with her was a nightmare constantly running off and even locked herself in a changing room in peacocks, which is out of character for her on up side her appetite has come back and finally eating proper dinners.

I will definately try the humidifier tho, she is fine in the summer only gets bad when she gets any sort of cold or viral bug or infection or is near a dog. This winter has been exhausting as so much about and She started nursery so is around kids 5 days a week so they going catch everything.


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