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Bedroom Furniture

Hey all. I'm new here.

My son, Ryan, has always been a ""wheezey child"". He is now 5 yrs old and has had 2 hospital admissions in the last 2 months with ""exhaserbation of asthma attacks"". He has had allergy testing done yesterday which came back positive to Trees, 3 types of grass, house mites, cats and dogs. His asthma nurse is writing to the GP and we are going to get him started on anti-histamines to try and control his attacks, failing that he will go onto a steriod inhaler.

Anyway, the asthma nurse has advised, if possible, to put laminate flooring down in Ryans bedroom, as well has flipping the matress regularly and hoovering it, as most of Ryans attacks happen when he is sleeping or playing in his room.

Someone has mentioned to me that there are charitys out there that can assist with costs to help with the care of a sick child. Does anyone know of any charitys that i could approach to see if i could get help with the purchase of laminate flooring for my sons room?

I am a single parent, i work 20 hrs a week and on a low income.

Any responses much a appreciated.


Emma x

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Hi emma,

Sorry can't help with who you could ask, but why not just take the carpet up anyway. Most likely a board floor, OK maybe chipboard, and this has in recent years been show to have health implications, but as long as the rooms are ventilated daily the risks appear to be minimal, but the BRE (building research establishment) are constantly testing and evaluating building products.

Even if you do get laminate flooring, again most, but not all are made in a similar way to the chipboard flooring, and pose a theoretical risk again. I know Bex on here had laminate flooring a while back that was suitable, maybe worth sending her a PM, sure she wouldn't mind.



Hi Emma, I have an allergy to house dust mites or HDM that goes way off the scale. I do indeed have laminate flooring, however my mum paid for it. The many alerations to my house to make it wheelchair accesible have been paid for by the local authority though. Can I suggest you speak to your local CAB if you call them someone might even come out to you and they will be able to point you in the right direction. I think you can get a one off grant (not loan) through the benefits agency for things like this, you should factor in getting a new matress, duvet and pillows make sure the duvet is allergy friendly and can be washed at 60 degrees they do exist you just have to hunt them out. Also get pure cotton bed linen and PJ's. I stitched socks onto the arms of my sons when he was small and used to tear himself apart. Who owns your house, you may be able to get a grant through your local authority for new flooring ideally it should be all over the house. Make sure GP etc are happy to write backing your claim. If you live in privately rented or non-housing association accomodation then ask the CAB, it might be up to the landlord who hopefully will be sympathetic and might even help with the cost of laying laminate flooring in his bedroom.

Good luck



Hi Emma,

there is a charity called ""Turn2us"" - - which exists to ""help people access the money available to them – through benefits, grants and other financial help"" . There is a free helpline number on the page I've given a link to, open 8am-8pm.

It might also be worth trying the Asthma UK adviceline (number at top of page) or organisations such as Allergy UK.


HI emma,

Might be lucky if you look up Freecycle on the web. Its people preferring to give away stuff rather than sell. You do have to be quick though. I put my 7 x 5 greenhouse on it and was taken almost immediately.

This is one you might try for furniture - I gave all my dad's furniture to this worthwhile site and told others about it too. Can't stop singing their praises.


see health visitor

My health visitor mentioned it, they can put in for a grant on your behalf, my health visitor mentioned greggs. Also a tip, I got my son a cabin bed with a slide so that he was high off the ground and that helped a lot!! the slide was just a fun extra!!


Hi Emma,

Not sure what area you're from but if you're in a home start or sure start area you might be able to get help - again your health visitor would know. Also possibly Spurgeons Childrens Charity?

Not sure if they do individual cases or not but maybe worth a try.



Hi I'm just wondering wether you ended up getting help with the cost as I'm in the same situation with my son??


have you tried the family fund, they can help with household items, holidays, driving lessons etc. telephone0845 130 45 42, phone lines are normaly very busy, so have to keep trying. you can download applications.

Good luck



I would advise against laminate flooring, simply on the grounds that it doesn't do well with being mopped on a regular basis. Vinyl flooring is much more suitable as it can cope with a damp mop without getting damaged. My mum looked after my sister and I from a young age with loads of allergies and to be honest despite doing everything the doctors advised, we weren't any better.

Today I still suffer with severe allergic asthma, eczema and hayfever. And so my advice to you is do the following, stick little ones toys in the freezer once a month to destroy the dust mites and let only one toy remain on the bed at night for the comfort of the child (less dust mites to inhale). Have just a simple blind or cotton curtain than can be washed regularly at the window. Light duvet on the bed and throw if back each day so that the bed can air, dust mites prefer it when they are nice and snug. I used to cover all my bedding and mattress in protective covers to no avail, these days just hoover the bedroom everyday, boil all the bedding once a week to kill dust mites, and sling pillow every 3 months ( it take 4 months for a pillow to become full colonized by the dust mite) Duvets can be washed if only single in a normal machine, every few months. If there is carpet in the room, rip it up, vinyl is better if you can afford it, but if not bare floor boards can be quite fashionable. And a few washable cotton rugs can be added to the room. Damp dust every surface once a week. No chemicals are needed like sprays, and white vinegar diluted in water makes a good disinfectant. Also keep all toys in sealed tubs when not in use to cut down on the areas dust can settle. It might all seem like hard work, but for the benefit of the little one it will be worth it. But spending loads of money isn't necessary. Just common sense and good cleaning practices will be of more benefit.

Also bath little chappie every day just before bed, pollens etc can be picked up through out the day and wee little chap is taking it to be with him. If I can be of any further help just yell,



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