hi i'm new with a 3 year old with chronic asthma

hi my 3 year old daughter has chronic asthma, currently has three inhalers a day and has had two courses of steroids in 6 weeks, docs also think she could have a cat or milk allergy which we are monitoring. She is so petite and its not fair, she gets these dreadful coughs where she nearly stops breathing its so frightening, just wanted to chat with others as im a single mum so feel alone xx

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  • Welcome Haydo,

    Unfortunately the reasons for welcoming people here never seem to be nice. I don't have a child, just have asthma myself but if you are looking for supportive people to listen to you and offer advice there are loads on here who will understand the pain and anguish of watching a child fight for air which I can thankfully on imagine to be horrifying.

    Best of luck in getting all the support you need for Maddie.


    Just a thought though, if they are considering a milk allergy do they mean milk or lactose because one of my boys I teach is lactose intolerent and has benefitted from changing to organic milk as apparently this is much lower in lactose.

  • hi

    welcome to forum

    i dont have children, but i can offer ADVICE from a personal view and also from looking after asthmatics

    being as she is 3 she should have skin testing for allergies by now to confirm allergies, this will help you to know what to avoid. they will then advise you re; diet and milk etc..

    hope ur lil one is doing okay :)


  • Hello. Welcome to the site. My son had not been diagnosed asthmatic but we are frequent visitors to a n e. Viral wheezer. He has several allergies too. They caused several issues when he was small, so i can totally sympathize. We have been lucky tho, he is huge!! In fact to the point the dietician makes me feel like he is a freak!! This site has been marvellous for me. I hope you find it helpful too.chell x

  • Hello & sorry to hear about another child who is so unwell.

    Please speak to your child's consultant specialist nurse & if there isn't one ask to be referred to a hospital who has one. This appears to be very common as this is the 3rd reply to parents with similar problems. Three years old is very young to be labelled chronic as I know there is lots that can be done. Try to go to a centre that has specialist in both the asthma & allergy so they can both be monitored by the same people at the same time.

    Also speak to your health visitor to ensure you are getting all the help & support you need & are entitled to. You need it too or you wont be able to support your little girl

    Good Luck


  • thank you to all she has doctor review next week

    we have just got back from a week holiday and she has been absolutely fine! we were by the coast and on the beach, so thankful she wasnt poorly xxx

  • thank you to all she has doctor review next week

    we have just got back from a week holiday and she has been absolutely fine! we were by the coast and on the beach, so thankful she wasnt poorly xxx

  • your not alone

    Hi Hun

    Just to let you know your not alone and there is many out there that understand how hard it is. My daughter first started with her asthma at about the same age and she was also very small at 3 and half she weighed less then what a 1 year old should. I know it seems hard right now but once they get the medication right I am sure your child will be able to lead a more normal life. Don't get me wrong my daughter still has a lot of problems with her asthma but she has a rare form called chronic brittle asthma. At first she was also on a lot of steroids at least once a month now sometimes she can go 5 months with out oral steroids but when the winter is here its a hard time. She also has multi allergies to lots of different stuff foods,medications some plants animal the list is endless. You learn over time what they can and can't have and it makes life a little better once you work most of the stuff out. It takes time but don't give up hope it becomes more manageable and you do learn to cope with the ups and downs that come with having a child that suffers with asthma. I do recommend if your child keeps being ill and needs to go in and out of hospital a lot to try and get Disability living allowance as it can help a great deal with all the costs of hospital and doctors trips. take care and good luck and if you ever just need to chat I am around and about :)

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