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Just to say Hi!

I am new here. My 6yr old daughter was diagnosed in December 2011 after having an horrendous cough for 2 months. It eventually went after using blue inhaler for 3 weeks and now she is fine. Obviously her trigger is viral infections and I don't know what the summer will bring as she has suffered from hayfever since she was two. We are all getting used to the idea and concentrating on helping her learning to use the inhaler and spacer.

Thats all for now.


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Hello and welcome

This is a lovely friendly and supportive forum. Good to hear your daughter is feeling better now.



Im new here too, this is my first post lol, my three boys have all had asthma, my two oldest have grown out of it but my youngest who is 3 1/2 has been bad since he was four months old. Ive come on here to talk to other mums as other than the outreach nurse and the paediatrician we have no other ""support"" so to speak. Hope your daughter is doing ok on inhalers and its controlled. x



hi my 7 year old son who has asthma asthma uk has been a great help to me my son has viral and bactiereal infection induced asthma and he gets croup a lot as well its not easy but all i can say is that the nurses on this site are really helpful


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