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Slight thirst

Hello everyone,

My little boy of 3 and a half has been a bit up and down recently - asthma attack on Christmas Day, pred and then antibiotics. He hasn't had his reliever for about a week now and the last few nights his breathing hasn't been audible (which is a good sign).

Anyway, he's got a bit of a sniffle (again), so I'm on the look out for any symptoms flaring up. One thing I have noticed before he's had symptoms is that he gets thirsty. I check his temp regularly when he gets a cold etc, as fever seems to flare up his asthma symptoms too, so I don't think the thirst is from a temp. Just wondered if anyone gets this or has noticed it in their children, and if it's a reliable sign that something may be round the corner. You know what it's like with little ones - always reading between the lines. Thanks. x

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Don't know if this helps or not.

I rarely breathe through my nose. When my chest is bad I use my inhalers more and my breaths per minute increases, both make me more thirsty than usual.

Hope your little man feels better soon.


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