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Hello and Advice please?

Hi everyone.

I am new here, just found the site through 'Fabulous' magazine.

Just a bit about myself, I am mum to 2 children, my son is 5 and an asthma sufferer and my daughter is 4 and not a sufferer. I was diagnosed with sports asthma when I was small but it cleared up so alot of this is new to me.

I am hoping that some of you maybe able to give me a few tips on how to talk to my parents about passive smoking? They are very heavy smokers and smoke everywhere, in the house, car etc. I am very close to my parents as are my children but since my sons asthma has become worse over the last year I am in the position now where I need to stop him from visiting their house, unless I can get them to stop smoking in there perminantly (not just when the kids visit). Any ideas how to get across to them just how serious this is without offending them or worse still getting into an argument about what they do in their own house.

Tricky one I know but all suggestions greatly appreciated.

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I can tell by your post how hard this will be for you, what a nightmare!! Maybe it would be an idea to get some information on asthma and how smoking can effect it, then show this to your parents (see what they say first, they may surprise you) We went to a wedding reception a few tears back before the ban where everyone smoked,my son ended up in hospital, he just can't deal with smoke. It was a lesson learnt but was very scary at the time. Maybe get them to visit in your house and you can then tell them to smoke outside as it's on your terms, or meet up at pubs for meals now and then, you can be smoke free and they can go out for cigarettes.

Good luck, take care



I've had to do a similar thing but for different reasons. Its a really hard thing to do but i have stopped my children visiting my hubbis parents house because they have 3 cats and 2 dogs which the children are allergic to.

I was very straight and simply said i'm sorry but we can't come anymore it's making them really sick and until the animals go we won't be visiting. You can come to our house at anytime and you'll always be welcome but i can't risk our health anymore. They actually took it really well when they realised they were still going to be able to see the kids and take them out.

Similarly noone smokes at our house unless its at the far end of the garden and they are requested to not even do that unless they absolutely have to.

As the old saying goes sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind.

good luck



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