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not posted in ages but im still about!!!

hi guys (old and new!!)

im really sorry for not posting in what must now be a few months, it has been very hectic up here!!! as i mentioned last time, michael was in for my birthday and since then he has been MENTALLY symptomatic. never bad enough to need to stay in for more than a few hours but always bad enough to need pred and/or antibiotics. he is waking at least twice a night now for nebs and has now flared big time with his exzema - needing wet wraps nightly and hydrocortasone now on repeat prescription.

he was finally admitted on wednesday when his oxygen requirement got bad enough for them to pay attention!! and were hoping to be home by sunday if all goes nicely. does it sound really strange for me to think that he is just as bad as this time last year even though he hasnt had anywhere near the number of admissions? his asthma used to be very stable in between times so the at home care wasnt as strenuous but now he is symptomatic daily (4 hourly nebs most days) i feel that everything is worse!!!

anyway - rant over, i hope that everyone is keeping well and i aim to keep in touch this time!!!

until next time, cheery bye!!!

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