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problems at school

hi new to this site

my son has had asthma since he was four months old, and is now twelve.

He had a asthma attack at school last week, while doing PE, he insists on trying his best and really giving all sports a good go, but tends to end up with him struggling for breath at the end. I keep telling him not to try so hard, but he never listens.

Anyway the problem is, while having the asthma attack he was took to the sick room, and left on his own with someone popping in to check on him now and again.

He eventually phoned me on his mobile to come and get him. When I got to the school I was furious and asked why the school hadn't phoned me themselves. They said they thought he was ok and were waiting to see if he got any worse, they said they were popping in to see him every ten mins but he said they only checked on him once, in a hour.

Does anyone know if schools are supposed to have a policy about asthma telling them what to do if a child suffers an attack.

Common sense should have told them not to leave a child alone at all while having a asthma attack. lucky enough he was ok after resting at home and using his inhalers. But for future use I need to know he is going to be ok while at school.

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Hi Shelly,

I have sent you a PM regarding this with links to some resources and professionals which should help.

Any problems PM me.

If anyone else would like help with this please feel free to PM me and I'll send you the links.



Hi Ive been through this with my 9 yr Son a few months back. School nebulised my Son after a severe attack after arguing with a friend in class. No one told me what had happened.Found out at 5pm at after school club!!

I would make an appointment to see the Head and explain what should and needs to happen, maybe write a letter which your Son keeps with him in the event of an attack and make sure relevent teachers have a copy.Feejay gave me some brilliant info to help fight my case. My Son also has a notebook and writes down everytime he has meds, this helps us know how out of control the situation is getting.Will try and bump up what I wrote a while back and the answers I got.

good luck



Thanks everyone for replying to my message.

I should have joined this site sooner. Iv'e enjoyed reading all the posts, makes me realise that were not alone, and that everyone else seems to have similar problems with having an asthmatic in the family.


Not sure how it works in secondary school but I now that my son's primary school have a teacher stay with the child and before the child starts the school they have a meeting with oyu and the child to discuss their asthma management planning and make sure their details are always up-to-date. They don't have a asthma policy as such as every teacher managers the issue different but I personally feel that all schools should have policies regarding medical issues like asthma, diabetics and excema. Hope you get the problem sorted and the school change there action on asthma for the best


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