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School and Care Plans

Hi everybody

I posted on here last year when Holly started nursery and recieved lots of really helpful advice and support. I'm now looking for advice and info now about when she starts school in August. Early I know!!!

After fighting with the local authority I've managed to get her registered at our local school and I'm waiting for an appointment to set up a care plan for her with her doctor, the school nurse, teacher and health visitor. Does anyone know what I can expect to get from this meeting as it was all pretty informal when she started nursery and this seems so formal.

I work with disabled adults and I know all about care plans for them but I'm not sure how a care plan would work within school.

If anyone has any advice on what I can expect, I'd really appreciate it.



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Care Plans

Hi Anne my daughter is 6 and goes to our local mainstream school. She too has a care plan. It was the best thing that anyone could do whilst Chloe is not in my care but someone elses.Her careplan was put together by the Headteacher, school nurse, myself , Chloes Consultant, Hospital at home nurse and her class teacher.Chloes basically states what time she has medication in school, How many puffs to give, What to do in case of asthma attack or anaphylaxis and when to ring for an ambulance give epi-pen. There is a photo of Chloe on it and there is one in her classroom and various others dotted around the school where they are accessible.This gave me great peace of mind. Chloe has her own teaching assistant at school but aswell as severe asthma she also has anaphylaxis to lots of things . Chloe is also on oxygen all day but she manages to cope and takes it in her stride. She has lots of friends and most of them now realise when she is not well. Her school found it really hard to deal with in her first 2 years but she is now in year 2 .Her TA is lovely and considering she is in a class of 24 children she fits in well and gets on with it.When you all get together to draw up the care plan state clearly what you want to happen when Holly has an attack ( you know her best) Chloe hates being held and cuddled as she feels restricted .State any little thing no matter how small, that you do when Holly's having an attack if it makes Holly feel more at ease . because remember you might not be there straight away and obviously the calmer Holly is the better. I hope everything turns out ok for both of you.I was a nervous wreck until Chloe had her first attack at school. Once it had happend and I realised how well they dealt with it I was more relaxed. Take care and good luck to you both. Feel free to PM me if you want any more info.Nikki xx


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