migraines and asthma

hi my daughter has chronic troublesome asthma and was taken into hospital this weekend with a bad headache which came on really sudden and she was unable to cope with the light or tv ,when we got to the hospital her consultant who is fantastic happened to be on call heard she was rushed in and came straight to see her.he told me she was suffering from a migraine and that it was very common in people with asthma i heard this and was very shocked as i had never heard this before and was wondering if anyone else has come across this.thankfully he has assured me there is a preventer medication if it becomes regular i just worry that she is already on alot of medication and i really dont want her to be on anymore.

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  • Hey,

    When I was younger I went through a period of suffering with really bad migranes, I too was told that it was very common in asthmatics, fortunatly i grew out of them very quickly. Fingers crossed your daughter doesnt have any more problems!


  • I've had a few migraines with my asthma over the past 2 years, they've started to stop now and we think i'm growing out of them.

    I hope your daughter grows out of them too.

  • Migranes and asthma, never heard of that but i do get migranes on and off thought it was some other medication causing, perhaps it is my asthma hmm....

  • Hey,

    I've had Asthma since I was 15, but I've been getting migraines since I was 13. I don't know whether they're connected, but I know if I'm stressed I get both an asthma flare and a migraine. I've been on preventitive meds for them since then. It's decreased my headaches signifigantly, but I still get a few headaches a week, but my migraines are much much less frequent.

    Hope this helps!

    Vicky xx

  • hi just to let you all know thanks for your messages my daughter has been suffering bad with her migraines but has recently been put on meds to prevent them and they are not as frequent and when she does get them they are not as strong so there is hope out there

    thanks marie

  • I get both too, and come to think of it they both got worse when I was 11. Interesting.


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