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Hi I am Harriet,

I don't have asthma my self but my boyfriend does that's

the problem I have been with Will since I was 13 so that's five years

I have always known he has asthma and that doesn't bother

Me I dont love him anyless its just who he is.. I know he is on here.

Well I am so frightened that I will loss him he gose down

so quickly I panic and am scared that I want be able to help him then it will be too late... at the moment he can't do anything because he is so ill it seems all I can do is cuddle him I feel so helpless...

He is using so much medication that it fills 3 large boxes but none of them seem to work he has gone from being out going to with drawn he is very good looking but he is worried that when he goes out peoplw will comment on his o2 tank and his warn out face etc even tho I keep telling him he still looks like a babe and no one care about the tank.. he is the kindest guy I have ever met and does so much for other people..

I don't know that much about asthma only bits and bobs that Will has told me I don't know how I can help him it breaks ny heart to see him this way he is asleep at the moment for the first time in ages but he looks so weak and even with oxygen he is fighting for every breathe.. he is meant to go in to uni and go to lectures soon but don't think he can I am starting a new six form near his uni but am worried about leaving him incase something happenes...

I am so sorry it's just I didn't know what to do and I know Will raves about you people on here about how great you are so thought I wod try it.

Thanks for listening Harry xXx

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You idiot Harry I love you so much you

Daft girl you couldn't do any more for me

than you already are do you know that

I appreciate every thing you do and more don't

ever feel that what you do isn't enough. I am sorry for

putting you through all this amd of I couldn't you know

I wouldn't. I Am happy to have you just stress a little less.

Love you Will x


hi harriet

welcome to the asthma Uk boards. You are more than welcome here. It must be hard having to watch someone go through asthma when you do not have it yourself and cannot relate to it.

I have a boyfriend and he is not asthmatic but i am . I am always worried how he is taking my asthma as he is often so helpless and does not know what to suggest for the best.

I am happy to support you and if you have any asthma questions just ask away. Rememeber your boyfriend is the expert he is the one living with the condition. I am sure he appreciates your support. When he is struggling reassure him and ask him what he would like you to do for him, Some time what counts the most is reassurance and telling him that you love him no matter what.

I think it is important for you to talk to other people who look after people with asthma so they can help you to not feel alone as feeling alone when helping an ill person is normal. Do not worry about it. I look forward to getting to know you more and feel free to pm me or just to chat.



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