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Baby really small and not walking (20 months old) - is this part of being asthmatic?

My 20 month old son is very small for his age and my doctor has written to his paediatrician to ask him to do tests at his next asthma review in March to find out the cause. He is off the scale for his weight and height (weighs 19lbs and has gained less than 3lbs since he was 6 months old) and can't walk yet either, although he takes a couple of steps here and there (it's a real struggle for him though). He was diagnosed when he was 10 months old after repeated bronchiolitis and chest infections - and not eating for 4 months. He is on the brown inhaler twice a day and has 5 puffs of the blue inhalor 4 times a day whenever he gets a chest infection or cold - which is frequently. He's been on steroids twice. After reading some of the posts in this forum I realise his asthma is nowhere near as bad as other children. Is it normal for him to be so small, is this caused by his asthma? Also, he doesn't wee much! He drinks all day but I don't need to change his nappy. When I change it before bed, its so light but smells really strong. Is this related to his asthma?

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Hi Sheepie55 my Ryan is small for his age. At his last full review when they did his height and weight he measured in at 110cm which is about an average height for a 6 year old and weighed in at 2 stone 9lbs which I think works out as 37lbs which is classed as underweight for a child of his age but is average for a child of 5-6 years. He also drinks loads but hardly pees. I know Ryan is 8 years old which is a big age difference concidering your son is only 20 months but it gives you a rough idea. I am also small in hiehgt but the amount of steriods I have had to take dueing my life so far has coursed me to be classed as obese even though when you look at me in person I don't look obese. As for the walking Ryan hardly walked when he was smaller because of the way it affected his asthma but know as long as his asthma is controlled which at present is very rare he leads a normal active life. All I can say is keep encouraging your son to walk and before you know it he will be on the go. My youngest is know 2.5 years old and he has only been walking for the past 10 months know. He is always ill with either a virus or infections on the chest or broncilus and I am now in the process of findin gout weither he has asthma too as his imune sytem is so bad. Thsi winter we have only had about 2 weeks of him being healthy and I know what to know why this is as I am not going ot watch him any longer suffer the way he does. He is ill again at present and we have had to dig out the reflux mattress we used when he was baby so we can keep him proped up at night as other wise he stuggles to breathe. I hoe you can get some answers from the ped but I would say it seems like it is normal for astrhmatic children to be small. Hopefully someone else will be here very soon to let you know what they think a well but I am seeing a lot of links between small children and asthma at present


Hello Sheepie55.

I can't give you any direct help as I have not had your experience - but I know how horrible it is to worry about your child's health. Just wanted to say that you are not alone and it might be worth searching the message forum for related messages in case others have already shared their problems. Also, perhaps try talking to one of the asthma nurses who can be contacted through this website (at the top). Most of all, keep pushing for help and information if you feel here is a problem - it sounds as though you have got some good medical support, but make sure they tell you what is going on. Not all medics are great communicators!

Good luck.


Hi I hope you get everything sorted out soon, it's such a worry. Both my boys were diagnosed with asthma at 6 months old but both walked at 9 1/2 months,they have no sense of danger.I didn't walk until I was 18 months,my niece was a lot older but we found out she was deaf when she was 2 1/2.My youngest has always had severe asthma and was small for his age, also drinks like a fish but didn't wee in the day (saved it all for night, something to do with meds I was told)he didn't talk properly until he was 3 1/2.He was finally dry at night at 91/2, he also has other problems which may be the cause of this.My Son still struggles to put on weight and in fact last year had lost weight at every hospital visit (every 12 weeks) I was worried sick. He has started to get tall now despite all his meds but I think he will always be skinny. Once the medication is right you will probably find your Son will thrive. It's worth getting it checked out.

I hope all goes well for you and I remember the worry of all the medication and my boys being so small.

Take care and let us know how it goes

Kate x


hi i actually work with a team of health visitors and would say speak to your health visitor as they will have all your child's health reacords from birth and at least you have a referral for further tests for your child but perhaps it may be worth asking for a physio referral or occupational therapy from your health visitor if i had seen your child i would be referring to these agencies for advice


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