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New- Son recovering from severe acute intractable asthma requiring ventilation and dnase


My son, aged 10 had a severe acute episode a few weeks ago that was unresponsive to aggressive treatment for over a week in our local hospital. His condition deteriorated rapidly and a retrieval team was sent from St Thomas and he was taken to their PICu where he was intubated, ventilated, had a bronchoscopy and was given the drug Dnase directly into his lungs. He thankfully turned the corner after 3 days in PICU.

His asthma started at three months old when he would have laboured breathing every month with what appeared to be a cold. He had two bouts of pneumonia when he was 3 and was then put on inhaled steroids. He was on flixotide until he was 7 and since then had not had any symptoms or treatment. So this episode was a huge shock.

Has anyone had a similar experience? We are so grateful that he survived. He loves his sports and is due to start secondary school in September and I am concerned if he will return to his previous level of fitness. Is there any guidance on exercise programs for children,or anything else I should be doing to help his recovery?

Many thanks

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Hi Suzan

I'm glad your son is feeling better now.

Take Care




I'm sorry to hear your son has been through so much.

DNAse is usually used in cystic fibrosis patients to break up the DNA of bugs which cause infections. So I am guessing your son had some pretty nasty bugs in his lungs? It can take along time to get over damage from pneumonia and infections. But the only way to get him back to his usual level of fitness is to build up slowly. If you feel is exercise tolerance his low talk to your GP about a referral to a physiotherapist. I have seen community physios for quite sometime, they come out and take over physio when mum can't do it and usually get me back on my feet after being in hospital.

Tks xxx


Thank you all so much for your support. The advice regarding the physio is excellent - I never thought of that, and I am a nurse! No infection or allergy has yet been identified but he had mucous plugging which the Dnase helps .

Thank you again and best wishes to you all


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