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hi guys - as the subject suggsts, michael had a really bad reaction on wednesday, his lips swelled up, his eyes were really puffy and he was coughing really badly. he also had an extremely blocked nose which i have since found out is a bad symptom cos if your nose ""closes"", your lungs are the next step.the doctor told me that hes gonna speak to the consultant and see if we can get a 3 step plan with an epipen instead of just the piriton and the steriods. hes still wheezy and coughing though - is this normal? should i just treat it like an asthma attack now and give him his regular nebs? i shouldve asked the doc but i was in a bit of shock, hes never had such a bad reaction before.

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My lungs are always bad for some days after an allergic/anaphylactic reaction. So treat his asthma symptoms as you would normally but if they start to change I would ring the ward for advice. I know you get on with them so if in any doubt ring up and ask. Also after a reaction your body can become hypersenstive. So he might react worse to things he normal doesnt so bare it in mind. It can make you feel quite fluey for a few days to so he may be off colour.

You know him best and very well so if you have any doubts ask advice from his team.


thanks. its difficult un some ways cos im not allergic or asthmatic myself so i know the symptoms but can only tell when they present physically - he is quite peely wally at the mo and he is alot worse hayfever wise just now so im keeping a close eye.


Kirsten thats all you can do. My son has allergies but reacts with rashes and eczema but even with him when he has had a reaction anything else can react worse or even things he hasnt reacted to will make the rash worse.

Just treat things as they come, being off colour can go on for a week or so. You know him so well so I am sure you will know when to worry. Hope all goes ok will be thinking of you both


hey guys, just a wee update for you, we are getting an epipen for michael on friday. they have slotted us into clinic so that i can get shown what to do. i have a question for you though - does anyone know the procedure to use with his nursery, they dont have anyone qualified to use an epipen and the training is voluntarty so thay dont have to do it. does this mean that even if someone does take the training, michael cant attend until she is qualified? im also worried that if she is off sick or on holiday, does this also mean that he shouldnt be there? its these silly things that are bothering me more than the fact that were getting it cos we always knew it was on the books. any comments would be much appreciated. thanks folks and i hope all is well with you and the kids!


Kirsten- I used to work in a Pre school and we had 1 anaphalatic child and our boss basically told us that she wanted there 2 b 1 member of staff for every day trained to use the epipen in the end we all did and the childs practice nurse came to our pre scool and did the demo.

Im glad i did it as i have since had 2 use epipens once on a child and once on myself!

I hope u get it sorted soon as its really not fair on Michael. Do they have a SENCO? If so surely she would be prepeared to train , as its easyans doesnt take long.

Good luck and keep us posted


hey folks. we got the epipen this morning and we now have a 3 step plan. we still have to be reviewed if he needs steroids for a reaction and were hoping that we never have to use step 3!thanks for the support!



Kirsten, sorry been meaning to reply for days . Sean has recently been given epi pen as well, I'm hoping that it will not be used but its a small relief to know i've got it if needed. We are very fortunate that there are staff already at the school who have had epi pen training.

I didnt realise that the extremley blocked nose could mean lungs next, will certainly make me more aware. It's good you have a 3 step plan for michael, I felt it was a difficult decision when to use epi pen or not but hoped I would just know if it happened. I've been told by respiritory nurses that if in any doubt give it to him and if attack turns out to not be too bad it wont have done any harm.

Hope things are going well

julie xx



I am glad that you have got the epipens sorted and I hope it gives you some reasurance and confidence.

Also, were you given 2 epipens? This is a back up if the first one gets misfired or you have to wait more than 10- 15 minutes for an ambulance. What has your doctor recomended? (Please follow their advice though if they say something different)

Also, keep an eye on the expiry dates - especially if you don't use them in the near future. Also, when you pick one up from the chemist, check it is in date for at least 9-12 months. There are some short dated ones around but most have been updated at most chemists.

Take care



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