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Saltpipe for cough variant asthma

Hi all,

My son is currently on a number of inhalers for cough variant asthma, and we are awaiting our referral to a paedetrician due to a worsening of his asthma. I just wondered if anyone has any experiene in using this on their children?:


I am debating about whether to get one for my son (age 6), so at least I feel like I am doing something for his asthma. I feel so helpless at the moment when his cough starts up.....



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Hi Jenny

try searching on here see what others have said, but I have one and used it for months but personally I found no benefit from it at all. If you think £30 is a worthwhile experiment then go ahead, it can't do any harm other than I found a slight sore throat, the salt seemed to dry the air I was breathing and personally I prefer a more humid environment.



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