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Hello new to this forum but sadly not to asthma :-(

Hi all,

I really need some advice. My 5 year old has suffered with asthma since she was 18 months old. She always has severe flares at this time of year and each time has been admitted to hospital. She is now on anti-histamines in order to to try and prevent this happening again. This was working until today when she has been coughing a lot with little respite.

My question is this, what else can I do. I would love her not to have a period in hospital in the Spring and to possibly get through this without her having to have another dose of prednostilone.

any help will be really really appreciated



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looking at the medications list in your profile, she could try the addition of Singulair, often used for allergy/season asthma.


Hello Mumof3,

My laddy's had a flare up too since the pollen season started and is also on an anti-histamine all year round. Unfortunately he can't tolerate singulair (montelukast), so the doc has prescribed a steroid nasal spray for him. The doc and the resp nurse both thought that the cough was post nasal drip (think i've got that right..) from his permanently snotty nose. He's finding it a bit tricky to do though as he's only 3 and breaths out when he should be breathing in etc, so I can't really tell at the mo if it's working yet or not. The resp nurse has said to give it a few days and if there's no improvement then i am to up his steroid dose temporarily, just to help him through the pollen season. I reckon that if we don't manage to get him controlled again soon then he'll also be heading for a dose of pred.

Have you spoken to your doctor or resp nurse?



Thanks for your replies,

We have tried singulair it sadly made no difference, esp last year when she was taken in and the Dr's said it is one of those drugs that works and is a mirace (which is what we were hoping) or makes no real difference. Thanks for thinking of us though.

We don't have a resp nurse she does have regular asthma check-ups though. She baffles the professionals tbh, she is fine then her attacks have been so severe they take a good 24 hours to get under control. She doesn't have the runny nose (aka nasal drip) thankfully, her lungs react strongly to the pollen shower each evening (each time she has been admitted it has been in the evening). I am going to plod on with the anti-histamines, she is also trying a nose device thingy which is supposed to help.

Here's hoping we avoid A&E this year, there is always hope...

thanks again for replying



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