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Please, any ideas?? Swelling of the face!


Maddie was diagnosed with Asthma at 7 months old. Her symptoms involved the typical wheeze on outbreath,nocturnal cough, sucking in of the chest, throat and stomach on breathing and low SATS. She also involuntarily chokes on practically nothing!

Her Asthma has remained severe ever since and shes now 22 months old. Shes had several hospital admissions and regularly sees her consultant and Asthma nurse. The consultant has her on the 'highest dose of inhalers possible for her age' and the nurse remarks each time we meet that she 'has no other patient like Maddie in that she's so brittle and severe yet so young'!

The last couple of months we have noticed not only her eyes get purple bags underneath as a kind of warning but now it seems that we can literally watch her face swell rapidly.

I was out with friends last month and we watched as her face literally swelled in front of our eyes. I went home and gave her usual dose of antihistamines which helped.

This week, it happened again and lasted a couple of days. Her face was so swollen that her eyes looked like little pits! She looked like she'd been for several rounds with Mike tyson!!

Im now wondering if in fact Maddie has some type of anaphylaxis??

My sister has the condition in which her tongue swells.

Does this sound like Maddie has something similar??

Has anyone got any experience of their children having any symptoms like this?

But then that wouldnt necessarily account for her nocturnal cough now would it!

Im so confused! Just want my little girl to be healthy and look healthy. Sher just looks pale with a purple tint around her eyes!

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I've had similar experiences with son, GP said it was a severe allergic reaction and treated him with antihistamines and steroids. Once he was licked in the face by a dog and his face swelled up and looked very peculiar - other times it was a reaction to pollen (again in the face). George's consultant described George as an 'all round allergic itchy chesty sort of boy' and it seems allergies and rhinitis often go hand in hand with asthma.

Have you told Maddie's consultant/GP about this swelling? if not, I would do so ASAP. I hope you get it sorted out.


I'm not asthmatic (our daughter is) but my face used to swell up, particularly my eyes - think a kid looking like a frog lol. Apparently I have an allergy to neutradol/odour neutralising airfresheners. It could be possible that she is allergic to something transmitted in the air. I also had the same thing when I was blowing up balloons at a friends birthday party to be then told by my GP I was an idiot for doing it as I have a latex allergy - stupid receptionist had told me a year earlier my results came back negative. Thankfully neither is life threatening but terrified me and my parents. Note what she is doing when this happens as you may be able to see a pattern.


Does Maddie use Salbutamol, the reason I am asking this question is that I am allergic to salbutamol and if I am given that medication my throat and mouth will swell up.


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