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dont no were to post this but can some one plz give advice

iv got a 3year old boy with asthma had it about 2 years on brown inhaler and blue inhaler, monday he have woken up with a terriable cough that is hard to explain its dry and chest and wheezing chest now and then the cough sounds like a smokers now tuesday he seems to be coughing more often than what he did yesterday and iv tryed his blue pump but that aint doing anything, he is coughing after he spaeks to, does he need medical care, in the 2 years of having asthma he has only had 3 attacks, please respond some one

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I get a horrible cough - in fact have had one since start of Sep.

With your little boy only being 3 I would take him to your GP as soon as possible.

If you go down as they open first thing they should be able to give you a same day appaointment.

Good luck

I hope he improves soon.



Mothers normally know their children well so bearing that in mind if you are worried take him to the local A&E for a proper check up or call your out of hours Dr. It is probably nothing to worry about could be croup or just a tickly cough but it is best to get it checked out properly and set your mind at rest.



Hi there, sorry to hear that your son is poorly.

If he is coughing as much as you say, having difficulty talking or coughing when he talks, and is not responding to the blue inhaler, I would seek medical attention sooner rather than later. Remember that most asthma has a tendency to get worse between 4 and 6am so if he is bad now he could be in real trouble by then. Things can deteriorate quickly overnight particularly in small children, and it is better to seek help too early than too late. The fact that his reliever inhaler is not working for him is not a good sign.

I would ring your out-of-hours GP service and say it is an emergency or take him to your nearest A&E department now. If he deteriorates, can only say a few words, or becomes drowsy or looks blue, call 999.

Sorry if this sounds alarmist but it is always better to be cautious - asthma still kills kids. Very likely they will just give him some nebulised (stronger reliever) treatment and perhaps some steroids, keep an eye on him for a while and then send him home, but better that happens than you don't go in and he gets dramatically worse at 4 o'clock this morning.

Hope this helps, let us know what happens

Em H


Sorry to hear your son is poorly, I have had a similar problem myself recently when I coughed after talking and my blue inhalor wasn't helping at difficult times. I went to my local A&E and they sorted me out.

I felt relieved when they were able to help and they were very reassuring and helpful during my difficult times.

Best to get things checked out and sorted sooner rather than later, I know it's scary, but I urge you to seek help.

Hope things work out ok.


docs today

well hi all to all who replied had a rough night off him he was waking every 1 to 2hrs coughing he is still the same coughing after every sentence and coughing when laughing or playing and eating i rang the surgery this morning and explained he has got an emergency appiontment at 5, when i went to the asthma review a couple of weeks ago the doctor there did say that he is suppose to be on a strong sterioder,but wont put him on it yet cause he is still young, maybe today now they will give him something to help him, this cough he got aint due to a cold or virus cause he is fine in him self, little bit tired but i guess thats from the sleep less nights, me and my other son havent got coughs this is what made me think this cough he got aint normal, so hopefully i`ll have something to help him, thanks for all your replys



hi all that replyed to my messages took him to doctors yesterday he got a chest infection, he is on antibiotics, he got to go back for another asthma review on the 2nd of january, he got to see the pedatrition doctor now as she deals with children and asthma, i wish for once they could give him something that would work but they wont change his pumps cause he is younge,



Hope you little on is getting better.

My little girl is three and had uncontrolled asthma, was on ventolin (blue) and becotide (brown) inhalers but was always brethless and coughing. We saw the paediatrician and she is now on Sinulaire 4mg at night and is 99% better controlled. Obviously it won;t work for everyone but it may be worth asking about it.

Take care

Truly x


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