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Anyone have any suggestions for my daughter please?

She was in receipt of DLA both components at higher levels on renewal it has been stopped completely!!!! Her condition has not changed and the report from the GP was not accurate (stated she has no needs day or night) NOT TRUE he never even called to ask us what her needs were.

She is now pregnant and has been taken off her tables which were uniphylin and singulair so her breathing is getting worse not better!!!!!

She can still use her nebuliser and often needs this especially during the night due to persistant cough and not getting her breath.

Any one have any ideas on how to go about changing the decision?


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You can phone them and ask them to re-look at the claim and if they say no again you can take it to a tribunarul which could take a long time.

I have just claimed DLA and got refused even though I can't walk up a flight of 7 stairs, walk more than 20 feet without having a cronic attack which more times than not end up with me having to ring 999 for them to treatment and thankfully discharge me on site. Emergency response paramedics are brilliant these days. Wont take you to hospital unless they feel it is the best thing to do. Hope your daughter managers with the pregnancy affecting her asthma. Reading his brought back memories of my pregnancy with my daughter and youngest son. I spent more of the pregnancy in hospital with my asthma than I did at home. Good luck and congrates to your daughter and sending her all my best wishes


U can contact dla and ask them to review there decision. Inform

Them that gp gave wrong information. As such you will need to inform them of another medical practitioner who will support you claim. hopefully ur daughter is under a hospital consultant there are usually good at letters of support. If that fails you always appeal against their decision. There is a time limit on when u can lodge these actions. Hope all goes well for your daughters asthma


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