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Singulair Paediatric- 4mg

My little was diagnosed with asthma 12 months ago, he's 3 yrs old and suffers really badly with it. Yesterday i had to take him to an out of hours surgery and Dr there prescribed him Singulair Paediatric 4mg. The Dr told me to give him the tablet every night before bed, it has to be sucked or chewed. The problem is, its obviously not a nice tasting tablet and i'm struggling to get him to take it. I was just wondering if anyone knows of an easier way to get him to take it?? Am i allowed to crush it up and give it him with a spoon of yogurt or anything?? I'd reaaly appreciate any advice anyone might have to offer...... Thanks. xx

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Is your son taking the granules or the tablet? You could go back to the gp and ask them to try the other one. Taking either with a spoon on yogurt or other soft food is fine too. You could give the asthma nurses on here a call if you were still unsure.



He's taking the tablets atm. I gave it him last night crushed up with a spoon of yougurt, was alot easier to get him to have it like that!! Thank you for the advice, it's much appreciated. xx


Hi, my 3 yr old son used to take this (had to come off it because it gave him insomnia) and I used to tuck it inside a kids chewable multivitamin pastille every night. He never batted an eyelid and ate his 'sweet' happily before brushing his teeth every night!


Our little girl has the granules which we mix with yoghurt. Some pharmacies have problems getting more than one a month so we have signed up to one pharmacist and get repeat prescriptions two weeks in advance. Try asking your gp for granules


Thank you all for your advice, its very much appreciated. I am going to take him back 2 the dr's and see if i can get the granuals as i asked the pharmacist about it and she said i should'nt give the tablet with any food substances as it is meant to be consumed on an empty stomach. However, gettin my 3 yr old 2 chew something so ""yucky"" is near on impossible!! The last couple of nights i've been giving it him with yougurt, and tbh, the tablet seems to be working...... So are the granuals allowed to be taken with food?? Thanks again all for your advice. xxx

Rachel. xxx



Was gonna say granulas are prob the best bet. Yes it can be taken with food. I have a strange daughter and she will just let me pour them in her mouth.

The tablets can be disolved and she has had them in hosp and the disolved them with some water and gave it to her. As far as i know it tasted off cherry.

Good luck Singuler made a huge differance to my daughters control.


Mummy to Martha


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