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Failed discharge

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Discharged last night. Felt the pneumothorax go again during the night. Back at the QE waitimg to have drain back in. Oh b....r !

52 Replies
sassy59 profile image

So sorry to hear that Littlepom but I hope you’ll soon be doing much better and back home again. Love and best wishes to you.

Carole xxx🩷❤️💜

Littlepom profile image
Littlepom in reply to sassy59

Thankyou Carole. xx

Morrison10 profile image

Oh very sorry for you, hope better luck when put back in. Jean x

Katinka46 profile image

Bugger indeed. You are an expert on pneumothorax now. I dare say you could do the drain yourself? Ouch…

🤨❤️ love and the very gentlest of hugs

Kate xxx

CDPO16 profile image

So sorry LP. Wishing you well xx

coughee profile image

Oh no! I Hope they will sort you out soon Littlepom.

Donald_1931 profile image

Hope they soon have you fixed. 😘

Oshgosh profile image

hoping things improve.I’m thinking of you xxx

Annscottie profile image

Hope all goes well x

Alberta56 profile image

Poor old you. That really is a b****r. I hope they can fix it properly this time.

garshe profile image

So sorry to hear this ,hope it's all sorted soon . xxSheila 💕⚘

Rattle profile image

Oh no, poor you.

Hope they can fix it this time 🤞🏻xx

BronchyBronwen profile image

Oh heck! Rotten for you LP. So sorry to hear this. All fingers and toes crossed for you. Sending love and best wishes. xx

MoyB profile image

Get well soon! Xx Moy

Kiki3233 profile image

Wishing you well!

Zand60 profile image

Sending get better hugs xx

Ergendl profile image

Oh no! Hope you get well soon xx

peege profile image

Oh no Lp, absolutely not where you'd want to be im sure however, I do hope they work some magic and you're home well asap. Thinking of you 💐 💐 💐

Phill1 profile image

Hope it gets properly sorted LP 🤞🤞

Loopylorre profile image

Oh no, so sorry to hear that, hope you’re soon back home again & feeling better, sending healing hugs 🤗💐🌺 xx

Izb1 profile image

Amazing that they sent you home and it wasn't right, let's hope this time they fix you properly x

Littlepom profile image
Littlepom in reply to Izb1

One can hope 🤣

Bingo88 profile image

So sorry to hear your having a rough time at present. Hope the Doctors get you better so you can go back home to relax. Take care. Brian

cofdrop-UK profile image

oh no. What a bummer. Hoping for tthings to go smoothly for you.


Nula2 profile image

Oh so sorry 🙁. Everything crossed they fix it and you're soon home again 🤞🤞❤️xxx

Digger0 profile image

Oh Littlepom, sorry to hear that. xx

leo60 profile image

Hope they fix you soon LP, and that you are home again quickly and permanently :) My thoughts are with you xx

JJ_7 profile image

Sorry to hear this Littlepom. I hope you are on the mend very soon XXX JJ❤️

Thepainterswife profile image

🤦🏻‍♀️ You must be so fed up with everything you’ve had to go through , stay strong and hopefully all will be sorted soon 🤞 Sending love and keeping you in my thoughts xx

Karenanne61 profile image

Oooh! I hope they get you sorted very soon.

Busybee57 profile image

Hope you’re feeling better soon Little pom x Sending love xx 😘

Patk1 profile image

Hope its soon sorted for u xxx

watergazer profile image

Oh no!!hope you’re on the mend soon LP xx

JetJet profile image

I am hoping that 22 hours later you have undergone repairs and are back home or at least in a bed. So frustrating and tiring to be in and out of hospital. Wishing you the very best. Ceri

Oshgosh profile image

how are you today ?

Littlepom profile image
Littlepom in reply to Oshgosh

Thank you for your concern.I just had the drain put back. By the time I got to have it done I was too breathless to lie in the scanner so the lovely irish man did it with me sitting up. The docs on this ward are all bronch specialists and work with my con and the nurses much more efficient. This is the ward I should have been on before.

Oshgosh profile image
Oshgosh in reply to Littlepom

you’re in the right place then. I hope your recovery starts here.

Oshgosh profile image
Oshgosh in reply to Littlepom

I hope you’re feeling a bit better,hope the drain has worked.I’m pleased you are on a ward appropriate to your makes such a difference.

When I was first diagnosed I spent 6 days of the admission on a respiratory ward.

It was a breath of fresh air,they listened to me.

The consultant said that I was a good historian about my health issues.

He had read my notes and it corresponded to what I’d told him- back to when I was 26,71now. I didn’t realise my memory was that good.

I’m sending you good vibes,just hope it works.

Littlepom profile image
Littlepom in reply to Oshgosh

Yes, we long termers are finally getting listened to when we reach the right people

Oshgosh profile image
Oshgosh in reply to Littlepom

you are right.

When I was referred to Wythenshawe Interstitial Lung Disease ,it was like a breath of fresh air.

Avery detailed history was taken,it took 45 minutes. Then waited to see senior consultant.

He told me everything about diagnoses

ILD ,rheumatoid athritis,probable SLE .

it eas relaxed,I had opportunity to ask questions.

He said it would be good if all conditions were managed at Wythenshawe,this has worked ok.

The most important he said was that my ILD was not cureable,hopefully they could help me cope with this.

Me and husband were grateful for his honesty,the last thing we need is false hope.

I’m sorry to ramble on,but I think it’s important to know that good care is out there,it’s accessing it that’s the problem

Littlepom profile image
Littlepom in reply to Oshgosh

Yes it's so good to hear when people find the right professionals. It also gives the patient security.

cofdrop-UK profile image
cofdrop-UK in reply to Littlepom

such a relief to hear your latest news sweetheart. It’ just the best to have a wonderful team. A speedy recovery to you and gentle healing vibes coming your way 💕💕💕

Injecter1 profile image

Ooh bless you, I hope your in the road to recovery soon x

Mavary profile image

oooh sounds nasty. I hope it does the trick this time. Xx

O2Trees profile image

Oh, this is so unfair LP. You should not be having to deal with this - again. I really hope it gets sorted once and for all. Thinking of you and sending healing vibes xx

Daffodil77 profile image

Hope you get well soon. Stay strong Littlepom 🌹🌹🌹

Cloudancer profile image

Sending gentle hugs and loadsa positive vibes for a quick recovery.So sorry to hear this.

crashdoll profile image

oh I’ve not been here for a few days and I see all this. I’m sorry, LP. Little Teddy the toy poodle 🐾 🐶 and I are thinking of you and sending positive vibes. Wishing you a speedy recovery x

Littlepom profile image
Littlepom in reply to crashdoll

Thankyou sweetheart. Had a really nasty fall tripping over the table today. Hit my head on the floor. Black bruises, face arm, legs nothing broken it seems but very breathless which I am not used to. Feeling very sorry for myself xx

HungryHufflepuff profile image
HungryHufflepuff in reply to Littlepom

ouch ☹️ I think you’re quite entitled to feel sorry for yourself! Sending you gentle sheepy hugs and hoping you feel better soon.

Littlepom profile image
Littlepom in reply to HungryHufflepuff

Thankyou c

Reading4everyone profile image

so sorry to hear your recovery didn’t go as hoped Littlepom. Best wishes for better health soon. Marlybee.

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