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Help with this lung condition..

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Hey hello, i am 21 diagnosed with bronchiectasis the only problem i am facing is mucus in the throat and the bad breath caused by it.Can somebody help me with this problem, because it makes me non Talkative, shy, less confident and killing my relationship with people.

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Hi, I don’t really know anything about bronch but there’s a few people here who do! Hopefully they’ll be along soon to help you with some good advice!

I’m sorry you have to deal with this at such a young age!


Hi bronchiectasis is a bit of a balancing act,clearing your lungs of the mucus every day will help with the bad breath and build up,brushing your tongue,mouthwash I find also helps bacteria to not become an issue.there are some ways on the bronchiectasis sites that can guide you on clearing your lungs properly with a flutter or acapella device, I hope this helps

Boxermad has given good advice. I haven't been diagnosed with bronchiectasis but I have asthma and sleep apnoea so do have the problem with mucus. The best thing is to cough up the mucus as much as possible and I understand it's a real nuisance and especially for one so young. You may think you have bad breath because of it but it may not be as bad as you think. Using mouthwash and fresh breath sprays on the back of your throat may help.

This sounds a lot like post nasal drip. A nasal rinse will help but ideally you do need to see an otolaryngologist. 🤔

I have bronchiectasis and have noticed this, it's more so when I have an infection, I brush my tongue and am going to start using a Mouthwash. Also as Caspiana says post nasal drip could be the problem, something I have suffered with and a water based nasal spray can help with that. There will be lots of advice for you on here.

Hi Pradipp and welcome to the site. Have you been shown how to do the huff method for clearing your lungs, if not you can look this up on youtube . You can also buy a nasal wash Sterimar that would help before bed and first thing in the morning. I try to make sure that i keep my mouth clean and always brush my tongue which helps x

Hi. Can't really add much but wanted to say welcome to this friendly, funny and informative forum.

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