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Tonight's moon

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Not seen the moon like this before here . Low in the sky and orange.

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Wow! Xx

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to sassy59

Strange but nice

I wonder what is in the haze, to reflect as orange? it is beautiful.

Absolutely no idea 🤣🤣

The Earths Atmosphere & where the moon is actually positioned at a given time. A Harvest Moon

Glad you have a clue because I'm lost right now 🤣🤣🤣

Just follow the moon 😂

How long do you think my legs are 😂😂😂

Just stick on your Spock ears ,, let yourself be transported 😂

My Fazer is flat and Scotty is servicing the transporter

Point to the sky and repeat ‘ Thunderbirds are go!’ Haha couldn’t resist that programme was on tv yesterday,, made me laugh but still watched a good bit of it!!

I was just thinking of putting on a pair of red tights and a pair of blue y fronts on but don't have any tights my last pair got a ladder

Ohhhhh ,, that’ll get the neighbours talking!!

I'm sure a few chickens and a donkey won't complain 😂😂

oh wow beautiful

Yes it is 😂

a rare sight

Well I've never seen it before 😂😂

So beautiful!! I cannot see the moon tonight ... between our fog and the smoke from all the fireworks... it's our 4th of July celebration 🎊

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Daveyboy1963 in reply to Solily

Happy 4th of July , I love watching the sky it's always fascinated me. Would love a big telescope. I can remember at junior school we were taken to the planetarium in London I could have happily lived there , 😂😂

What a fabulous photo 📸 all the pics you sent really made me think, there are still some pictures and people make it all worthwhile. I like to go 🚶‍♂️ into windsor very early in the morning as the river mist rises on the Thames, watching the swans and ducks going about their business. Used to throw them bread 🍞 but been told it expans in their tummy.

Crazy the things we did has kids and generations did before us and now experts.say no you can't do that you will make a duck explode 😂😂😂 nature is beautiful and you can see something in one instance that you may never see again .

I do think the Swan, no,not the pub,is one of the most beautiful of birds.

I can go one better because every odd morning I watch the red tailed kyte fly out from the mountain opposite my living room and just glide in constant circles looking for lunch , it's beautiful to see but can't get a photo just a little too far away

Awe,thats a shame, I have a battery invalid buggy, can get 35 miles on a full charge.. Allows me to get out and about. Go to windsor watch the changing of the guards at the castle do some people watching, tourists mostly. Sit on the bridge leading to Eton college, eat my Thai meal, go for a ride up windsor great park. Beautiful, when the sun is out. Get home knackered, lol.

It's very tiring here in the heat . I'm looking forward to going to the places I love here in winter time . When tourists have left and I feel safe and can get around more comfortable

Fully understand your needs for peace and quiet.

Sometimes you just need the silence to de stress and clear the mind 👍🏼👍🏼

That is different but beautiful. I’m loving your sunset photos.

I'm looking forward to getting into old town and the harbour i will get pictures of the beauty of old town

I look forward to seeing photos of the old town.

I will try to get pictures of interest . I love the canon balls that are bedded in the outside walls of the old town

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Sutton5 in reply to Daveyboy1963

I would love to see that

Daveyboy1963 profile image
Daveyboy1963 in reply to Sutton5

I'll try to put views of interesting items for you all.👍🏼

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It's beautiful thank you for sharing have a good day and take care 😊 Bernadette and Jack 🐕 xxxxxx 🌻🌻

If people all just stopped even for an hour and looked around and put their senses to use they would be surprised just what is around them that they take for granted

Wow! The new camera is doing its stuff!!😊

I'm going to make it my work horse 🙂🙂

Lovely photo thanks, new moon? It’s interesting to see your posts, like to make time to read them!! Best regards, Jean

Thank you

Love this photo. Very mysterious.

Glad you like it

Wow amazing 🤩

Glad you like it ☺️☺️

Great picture.

Thank you

I think they call it a blood moon because of its colour

What ever it is it's nice 🙂🙂

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