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A little bit scared formy upcoming hysteroscopy, biopsies

Hellllloooo everyine, Laura here. Ive bern hoping some of you might be able to shed any light on what the below means (piccy of myhospital letter) may mean/indicate in Good ol Lamens terms. Im 38 and have suffered varying womens healtb dince 16.


CIN III Cervix

Ovarian Cysts varying typex

Severe Endometriosis

💭 🤔 Any help, honest replys, advise and reassurance REALLY Appreciated

Many Thanks

Kindest Regards


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Hi there Laura,

Thank you for your post.

So it's reassuring that your bloods reported as 'NAD' meaning they are normal. If you would like to have a one to one chat about the letter, please do pop an email over to nurse@eveappeal.org.uk

Best Wishes

Ask Eve x