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Constant Bleeding

I was on the injection for a few years no problem then I started bleeding constantly I've been bleeding constantly now for about 3 months. I've came off the injection and am now on the pill but have the same symptoms I want the coil fitted but they won't do it with the unexplained bleeding I have been tested for STIs twice clear both times and I am not pregnant I am going to the hospital next week but concerned about what it could be has anyone else been in the same position and found out what it was?

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Hello Sarah,

We're sorry to hear you are having a frustrating time with all this bleeding. The reason you are being sent to the hospital, is that your GP is simply following guidelines that say the gynaecologists need to check you over to explain the bleeding before they think about fitting a coil for you. This is normal procedure.

If you could like to talk to your Nurse Tracie about the possible outcomes of your hospital visit, please call us on 0808 802 0019 or email

Best Wishes,

Team Eve.


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