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Waiting for results

Hi, I'm waiting for the results of a large polyp that was removed due to heavy menstral bleeding, dr thought that was the cause and I may not need endometrial ablation after all, but started period yesterday which has been very heavy with flooding and clots so no difference at all. Has anyone needed ablation and did that stop heavy bleeding, I'm constantly taking iron tablets for anaemia.

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We are sorry to hear you are having a miserable time with your heavy periods, it's exhausting isn't it?

Regarding your question about endometrial ablation, it can be very helpful for women where other treatments (like the Mirena coil) have failed.

However, if you would like confidential advice by email or phone about your results then please do contact our Eve Appeal nurse specialist on freephone 0808 802 0019 or email

Wishing you well,

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Hi I've had trouble sending an email to the email address


Hi thought I would update, my polyp results were all benign so I am now waiting for endometrial abalation to be done under local anaesthetic, read mixed views on this procedure so not really sure if my periods will stop fully or just not be as heavy, if any one can advise that would be great, thanks


Glad your polyps are benign.