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Arthritis Pain

Have had very bad & excruciating pain in one knee & an MRI has confirmed I have Arthritis plus a few other bits in the knee. My concern here is the Arthritis part of the diagnosis. Been prescribed strong pain killers as NSAID raises my BP. I also use Lidocaine Plasters while waiting to see the Knee Specialist. Any advise from other sufferers? I am trying to prepare myself for the long haul for arthritic pain. I have consciously started loosing weight even though I am not obese but pain is no better. I have improved on my already very very healthy Mediterranean diet & pain is no better. I walk walk walk - keep active but pain no better. Gosh I am worried about long term!!!

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Hey! MaminaElsie.

Going through your query here is a reply .

Don't let the pain worry you.

Knee Pain Causes:

• A number of issues that affect the proper functioning of one or both knees may cause pain.

• Injury is the most common cause, but other conditions such as arthritis may lead to joint deterioration and discomfort.

• Sprains or Strains in the Ligament and Muscle Tissue

• These types of injuries often occur when the knee receives blunt trauma or is twisted in the wrong direction.

• Sprains and strains most often arise during contact sports but may occur during any abrupt or sudden movement.

For treatment read more in detail for how to treat knee pain and swelling?




I have been in terrible pain with my right hip for weeks now, and can hardly walk. I have been diagnosed with Arthritis and booked in for Steroid Injection, has any one had this done ? and did it work ?

I have been told that Apple Cider Vinegar works wonders for Athritis, does any one know If this is affective ?


Iv go arthritis in my cervical spine and shoulder knee and foot does anyone no if I will be affectedby Esa medical as the older you get the pain gets worse,I cant lift or do any repetative movement its awful


It doesn't have to be the long haul, I've had arthritis for 17 years, but I have changed my diet and got my inflammatory marker down from the 90s to 7! How did I do it? Well I stumbled upon a you tube talk given by Clint Paddison in Australia, I didn't beleive it as nothing had worked for me, plus I'd started to develop tendonitis. But have a look