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No engineers these days


This is my experience this week , ordered a renewed PC from Amazon, monitor not working when set up contact seller and they say return via post office, contact again explain can't do that due to disability, new email from seller follow these instructions on utube which require me to repair the machine for them, it has a 12 month warranty. Eventually have got them to collect their faulty goods today. Boiler not working for heating or hot water, it is less than 12 months old, reply on phone is you can fix it yourself , once again go through the disability issue and explain , now they agree an engineer will come out later today. Phone doctors about Flu jabs apparently this year they are using an age criteria not a health criteria. under 65 next month over 65 in october. Always thought it was most at risk of complications or worse illness who had flu injections, now they are giving everyone the injections those at most risk are being pushed to the back of the queue if you are of a certain age. It reeks of ageism in my opinion. Anyone else come across such issues.? We pay for things to be done then they want us to DIY it ourselves.

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Well Katie that sounds terrible - I mean the customer service issues.

As far as flu jabs go, we’ve just had our invitation letter to attend our GP surgery for the jabs, as we are in our seventies. They have slots for children too, which is new. I thought the criteria ware for anyone with certain disabilities?? Sorry you’ve had a sh...y day!

Kelz_719 in reply to Happyrosie

I’ve had the flu jab for years and am 35 but thats because of medication I have to take. I believe it’s for people of any age who have health complications such has asthma or in my case that effect there immune system or could make it weak.

katieoxo60 in reply to Kelz_719

Hello Kelz , same here I was not over 65 when I started having flu jabs. I have diagnosedAsthma/ COPD treated with three inhalers. I thought it was for health reason now the government want everyone to have it to stop flu during the winter so some Gps are changing the criteria for appointments. To make it easy to make sure everyone has it, which means some over65s who are at risk could end up getting it a month later than usual if they don't run out of vaccine . At my surgery there are 10000 patients to be treated, thats a lot of flu jabs in a four week period . Normally by now those at risk have had their texts ect and an appointment for September. This delay is not fair to patients or staff, especially as the process will take longer with the coronavirus restrictions to contend with . Thank you for your reply seems we agree on what flu jabs are aimed at to save those at high risk from more severe illness.

Kelz_719 in reply to katieoxo60

That’s a shocking way of managing it and I can appreciate why it seems ageist to you and others. I don’t agree with it being available for all, i don’t necessarily have it every year myself and can’t say I’ve noticed a difference when I haven’t! That said that’s only my experience. It only opens them up to shortages and if they really felt the need to offer to all then the very first to get it should be those people who would usually have it regardless of this Covid business. Take care :)

Hi there it as all been sorted , today I am waiting for council to fit a grab rail to back door . Should be this morning. Fingers crossed so far they have not let me down. :) :)

Grab rail fitted and everywhere tidy now.

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