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So had my results back and I'm happy what I was worried about is a ovarian cyst. My back is what I thought was wrong with it.


33 year old lady with low back pain with no radiation. Intermittent recurrent pain and her symptoms have been particularly severe over the last 2 months following an accidental fall. On examination reduced range of movement and stiffness of back. No neurological deficit. Walks with antalgic gait and use of one stick. Clinical diagnosis of possible sciatica.

Lumbar Spine

Protocol: T1, T2 and STIR sagittal imaging from T11 to the sacrum and T1, T2 axial imaging from C3 to C4.


Normal alignment. There is reduces disc height and hydration particularly at the L3/4 level with Modic (type II) degenerative endplate changes.

L2/3 moderately large (6mm) posterior and slightly left sided disc prolapse which is displacing the theca. There is mild facet joint degenerative change with mild narrowing of the lateral recesses but no clear evidence of neural impingement. No significant narrowing of the exit foramina.

L4/5 minor posterior disc bulge only.

L5/S1 no significant abnormality. The spinal canal is of good size.

Normal appearances of the distal cord with the conus at the T12/L1 level.

Emma Martinez contd.


Protocol: Imaging includes T1 and STIR cor, T1, T2 and STIR axial images.


The right and left hip joints show good preservation of articular joint space with a normal morphology of the femoral heads.

Normal appearances bilaterally of the gluteal tendons with no evidence of a trochanteric bursitis.

Normal appearances of the adductor, soleus and hamstring tendons

There is cystic area measuring 3.6cms in the right adnexa which is most probably a simple ovarian cyst. Normal appearances of the uterus and left adnexal region.


Lumbosacral Spine: Moderately large L2/3 disc prolapse slightly greater on the right side – radiologically this is the most significant finding – consider spinal surgical referral.

Both Hips: No significant MR abnormality.

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