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Facet joint pain or cervical radiculopathy/ thoracic/ lumbar and neck buldge said/ herniations/ pinched nerve/ sciatica/ scoliosis/ stenosis

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I am new, just joined today.

I have all spine MRI's, XRays, CT scan, etc.. Have been given different diagnosis from different doctors but none have been able or willing to manage the huge amount of pain I'm in. The latest diagnosis was from orthopedic surgeon who says it is al in my joints and even though my images show all of the problems I mentioned above. I left a few things out so I should mention anklosing spondylotitis, sciatica, tail bone pain, and others. I would like to know if anyone else has been dealing with so many different diagnosis, all of which may be correct, and how to tell which one is attributing most to your pain.

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Welcome to the group and thanks for posting Jhar - we are sorry to hear you have been in huge amount of pain, and we hope you find the supportive community helpful.

We have some useful factsheets on our website, if you are looking for furtherinformation on arthritis and how to self-management: arthritisaction.org.uk/livi...

All the best,



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