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Today is one of those days when I just want to SCREAM!

I just feel so awful. Is this what they called learned helplessness? I simply do not know what to do. I feel so bad but nothing I have tried has helped me, so far. My body is full of infection my hips are so bad I barely sleep and I am just out of juice.

I call my Rheumy's receptionist for advise on what to do. She recommended calling GP. He wants me to come in. He is in Vancouver which is an hours drive. I can barely manage getting dressed today. I have such overwhelming fatigue. More to the point, I just do not trust him anymore. I know these infections will not go away on their own but reluctant to take anymore drugs? Certainly not from him. If I thought it would kill me I probably would. I seriously just want this nightmare to end.

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I do know just how you feel. How about a drive down to Harrison Hot Springs?

Did me a power of good a few years ago.



Oh wow , you are from BC. We drove to Whistler this past week. The sun is such a welcomed break from dismal rain. It is incredible how good it feels no matter how bad the pain is. Far to much in one day but difficult for someone to understand when you look so normal ! I keep thinking about the device I saw on Global last week. I believe it was Saskatchewan or Manitoba universersity professor developed an arm band with sensors that allow a person to experience a tremor . If they can develop one that transmits pain We could have a new super power rofl.

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I really can relate I am always sore I used to be so active and at only 39 my life is at a hault dont know where to turn xxxx ps just new to this


So young , I am so sorry. Today is a whining day lol My son was born on Mother's Day 1979. He is 5'11" and about 230 pds. I am a very petite 5'2" 100 pds lol I had him at 18 so for him at has been never ending comments. He loves it.

I worry that he is at risk. Both of his grandfathers are diabetic and autoimmune diseases are very prevalent in my family. I raised him as a single mother so we are very close. I like to say we grew up together. I also have a step son 25 and my beautiful daughter who turns 22 in September.

I had my sons genetics done when I did mine. He continues to bury his head in the sand. I keep working on him lol change is difficult for everyone but men , in my life, find it particularly hard.

It is now the third time in my life that I have had the opportunity to reinvent myself. In my case I was running two businesses and was working 12/14 hrs a day. My body decided it was time to slow down lol . After 22 months I am still barely managing homecare. It certainly gives you a new appreciation for the little things. Please do not let that statement frighten you. I have a severe case due to many factors. Statics are very favourable these days.

I do hope we both find a treatment which is helpful, soon.


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