Warmer weather

I'm so glad to have warmer weather back again. Winter was hell for me again do to my arthritis. It seem as each winter was worse than the last. Now that my arthritis is in my shoulders, knees, hands and feet as well as my spine. This winter the new spot for pain for me was in my mid spine . I already had it in the lower part of my spine. What can you do to ease Pain in your back bone besides exercise? I also have sciatic nerve pain on both sides now. It started on my right side over a year ago. I'm in my early 40s and I feel like I'm falling apart. I really don't know where to turn to get relief from the pain. Some days by mid afternoon I'm exhausted from it all. Hopefully summer temps will help some. She fatigue hits it hits hard and takes all the energy out of me😣. I'm sure some of you can relate to what I'm talking about. Well everyone have a good evening. I'm going to relax and enjoy the rest of my evening.

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  • Hi JD, i also have arthritis in the same places as you. The fatigue is a big problem for me, i have to ' Pace ' myself daily. I used to be really active, especially with my small grandchildren. I do find ibuprofen gel helpful and my daughter bought me some Epsom bath salts. They are great for relaxing your muscles before bed.

  • Hi i also have osteoarthritis of both knees but I love winter as I also have lipoedema with secondary lymphoedema which means that my legs swell up and heat and especially humidity make the condition very painful. I was only diagnosed last year and every summer I couldn't work out why I was in so much pain from the osteoarthritis as heat pads on my knees helped with the pain much more than ice packs on

  • Hi, I have osteoarthritis in my feet (badly) mid to lower back and now it's started in my shoulders. I also have nerve problems stemming from my lower back. I find that sometimes in the summer the humidity makes its worst too. I am loath to take pain killers unless i absolutely have to. Sometimes the constant pain gets me into a very low mood, I just wish they would find a cure, I can relate to what you are saying completely

  • Thank you for your post! We do hope the warmer temperatures bring you some relief. At times, winter can feel very long, and the pain can be frustrating and exhausting. We might have some useful tips under our 'Factsheets' on our website - maybe it's worth having a look, for

    Sending you inspiration to think of outdoors activities to load up on that Vitamin D too, and wishing you all the best and a collective sigh of relief for the warmer weather!


    Arthritis Action's Communications Officer

  • Hi JDQuiin75 lucky you , here in Australia winter is just setting in. I have ankyolosing Spondyolitis arthritis. One of the best pain reliefs for me too reduce imfflamasion is idocid , indomethacin as suppositories

    Hope you have a great summer


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