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Hip replacement - fractured femur

Fell over 5 years ago and broke femur resulting in a pin being inserted. Three operations later, still in great pain, have been told that I need a total hip replacement because of arthritis and will have two operations, one to remove pin and second to have replacement. Has anyone had this, cannot find anything online for information.

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The one person who can really answer this is the surgeon who proposes to do it!

Probably the pin is near the top of the femur and is where the taper of the ball section of the hip is going in; so the bone needs to recover and strengthen before taking the load.

I had a hammered in job (NO adhesive) and if the femur had recently had a pin removed, it would probably have cracked or split.

Best wishes for your future ops. Peter


Hi Mary, Not myself but i know a friend. What are your concerns, shame your in so much pain still.


Don't know anyone who has had this done so don't know what to expect. Each operation brings more pain and problems.

Main concern is terrified


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