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Infusion injection in hip bone

Hi I got a Infusion injection last week for the pain in my hip so far so good pain away in hip for the moment . My athritis in back still playing up also my knee . Get rid of pain 1 place and comes back in another. . My depression after 5 years they are finally sending me to see a psychiatrist to see if my medication can get changed as my moods swings are really bad . I'm taking each day at a time as there is people out there worse than me I just pray that I get up 1 morning and I feel ok

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I so feel for you i have to have a hip replacement but got problem i am at high risk as i am on Warfrin my Consultant not said wont do the replacement nor said he would do if you see what i mean, this causes other pain all in same side fed up being unable to do smallest of tasks, like you wish could be more comfortable to get by that is all , yes i feel for other people worse then me but i dont like being in pain on Parecetomol at the moment rant over.


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