Hi my name is Martin and i live in Ashford kent i have so many things going wrone with me such as ME/coronary heart disease /arthritis /sleep apnea /unstable angina /oedema / copd / i might have not spelt them right but you can get the idea. Haveing so much wrone with me is so hard,i used to go fishing a lot and out on my motorbike but now i can not,yes it makes me fill vrey low but i do not show it to my family or friends i just keep it to myself. I do think why me but then i think of people that are worst than me Martin from ashford kent.

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  • Martin, welcome to the site. I'm sorry you have so many problems with your health. My husband was the same and I always thought 'why does he have to have so much wrong' but, as you say, there is always someone worse off than us. However, that doesn't help you. Please do all that your doctors suggest - it does help. My husband was eventually put on oxygen at home which helped a great deal with the COPD but I don't know if it is suitable for everyone. I only suffer from osteoarthritis and I'm having a hip replacement in November which should help a bit. I can understand you keeping your feelings from your family but you should talk to someone. I'm only too glad that my husband took me into his confidence and always told me when he was feeling low. I think that helped both of us understand what he was going through. Good luck Martin, I hope this week gets a bit better for you as it goes on.

  • Thank you for your words i find thay helpful.

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