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Second opinion

Hi, I'm wondering if I should ask for a second opinion.

I was diagnosed with unspecified poly arthritis 20 years ago and have gradually become disabled over that time.I also have osteoporosis due to long term steroid use for hypopituitarism, which I've been taking Alandronic acid for since January.My other relevant health problems are chronic sciatica and psoriasis

Since mid January I've had pain and swelling in both my hands and feet,the knuckle area where fingers join the hand,I saw my GP who took bloods for ESR and crp and also x rays three weeks ago.I returned for results yesterday hoping for a referal because I'm losing function in my hands due to pain and weakness at the joints.

He stated that the x rays show only mild to moderate damage a d blood were not very elevated and that I won't need joint replacements yet!

I really hoped that I would get to see a specialist,I don't want anymore health problems but I do want to know that I haven' got RA or PsA.ShouldI ask for another opinion?

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Yes get another opinion!!!! Mild to moderate damage on hands seem to be "normal" by your doctor? This doesn't sound right to me. My advice to you is : "Run, don't walk" to seek a 2nd, 3rd or 4th opinion.

I wish you well


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