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Joint pain

Hello I am after some advise

I have had pains in my joints for years I won't go to the doctors as they usually fob me off with some ibuprofen the joints in my fingers are the worst my hands are stiff even whilst typing now they look something like a claw

I have started to get pains in my shoulders knees elbows and hips

How can I ease these pains as i am 23 and have young children and am pretty certain that's when the pains begun

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Have you had a blood test for Rheumatoid Arthritis?

When my hands and wrists have been bad, I found wearing wrist splints helpful. I used to buy them at a pharmacy. I removed them at night time.

Have you tried a wheatie bag for your shoulders? I find using it for several days makes a difference until the next time. i find a memory foam mattress

topper a must for help with hips and knees. And I like to keep the knees warm even when they are burning. If I put them out of the bed to cool down, it will make the pain worse later. Trial and error !

Snap, I had problems with an ankle joint when pregnant. Made life very difficult for quite some time as I was unable to walk. And knees were painfu too. Hope you get some more answers/ tips.


Hi She, Don't wait any longer, go to your GP and insist that you see a Rheumatology Consultant. My journey with arthritis started when I was 28 just after my eldest daughter was born, I'm now 69, You need help and proper medication now if you are to stem the problem. The correct medication wasn't available when I needed it, but my cousins daughter has suffered from the same thing after her daughter was born, and has had good results from medication available now, but you need to see a consultant asap. The sooner you get an official diagnosis the better. Please don't delay, its your future (and your childrens) at stake. I wish you well and hope that you get some positive help. Don't let your GP put you off, it is your right to ask for a consultant appointment. Good Luck, I'm still going after 42 years so cheer up, think positive, things can get better. Joyce x

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