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Welcome to our PP community!

Welcome to the Action on Postpartum Psychosis PP Talk community!

The point of this community is to provide a space where you can share your experiences, support one another, and find out more about Postpartum Psychosis.

Please feel free to start commenting and asking questions. Tell others about the community and help us make it grow! Our volunteers will do their best to respond to posts as quickly as possible, but we hope that others will offer their advice too.

We hope you find it helpful!

With best wishes,

Action on Postpartum Psychosis

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A big hello & welcome from me too!

Just to introduce myself, I had PP out of the blue in 2006 & am now a volunteer & trustee with APP. I enjoy reading, pilates, yoga, swimming (badly!) & have a great passion for martial arts & I teach children's karate. I'm also a proud mother of a gorgeous 6yr old boy!

Really looking forward to getting to know you & talking all things PP! :-) x


Hello everyone!

I`m Sarah. I had PP seventeen years ago which was a complete shock and I`d never heard of it!

I`m a trustee of APP and feel strongly about trying to improve things for women and their families affected by PP.

Look forward to talking to you x


Hi and welcome everyone.

I'm Lou. I am a mum to 3 boys. I suffered an episode of PP after the birth of my first son. I had an acute episode of PP, followed by almost 18 months of crippling depression. I suffered in 2008 out of the blue with no previous mental health problems. I am here to listen/talk and help ladies themselves/family or friends. Looking forward to getting to know you all xx


Hi Everyone,

I have just joined this website: I admit this is the first blog I've ever posted on, but it's reached the stage where I'd really like to connect with some women who've been through postpartum psychosis, to share my story and to get some support. I hope I've come to the right place!

I gave birth to my gorgeous baby girl in January. After two weeks of elated mood and very little sleep, my husband woke up to find me completely delusional: thinking I was in labour again, about to give birth to twins, etc. Within 24 hours I had been sectioned, in a psychiatric ward (away from baby) and stayed there for 3 weeks, without any real specialist care (i.e. it was a general ward and I was the only person with PPP - I suspected some of the nurses didn't even know what was wrong with me, and I think I was right).

I was on anti-psychotic medication for three months, which then switched to anti-depressants because I went through a very low period. A week ago, I came off this medication and I only just feel like I'm getting my life back again. I'm beginning to reflect on everything that happened: all the 'what ifs' and 'if onlys'. I'm only really experiencing proper feelings again (I had the sense that the medication was masking my real feelings).

Does this ring any bells with any of you? How did you cope with coming off medication and 'getting your life back'? How did you come to terms with everything that you went through? Any advice would be much appreciated. I really want to move on from all this and I feel I am nearly there. I also feel really passionate about helping other women who are going through this horrible illness, and increasing the quality of the information out there (is anyone else completely fed up reading about the horror stories of murder and suicide?).

Well, thanks in advance for reading this, and hope to connect with some of you soon.

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