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Does anyone know why sleep is so effected when you have pnd? Thanks

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Hi Katiesmum82,

I hope you’re doing ok.

I think sleep issues can be a symptom of postnatal depression (in the same way they can with depression at other times), as well as when suffering with anxiety etc. There’s also all the sleep disruption having a baby brings and I think the hormonal changes have an impact on sleep too.

I didn’t sleep much at all in the first couple of weeks after having my first baby, which then became insomnia and I couldn’t switch off at all - I don’t know if this was a symptom of the psychosis that followed or a trigger… I struggle to sleep at times of stress or when there’s something on my mind, there are lots of great tips out there and on this forum where people have shared what helps them with this.

I do hope your mental health nurse can help advise you tomorrow and you get some rest tonight.

Best wishes,

Jenny x

Thank you Jenny. Good to know it’s not just me this is happening to. Xx

For PP It is very likely related to dopamine hyper functioning. It is similar to the effect of amphetamine. Except that amphetamine causes a crash when the neurons run out of dopamine. In PP this doesn’t happen. Olanzepine acts to block dopamine receptors hence it has some effect on increasing sleep. This description is seriously oversimplified but it covers the main idea.

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Katiesmum82 in reply to Fatimahg

Thank you. That’s very helpful x

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