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Midwife appointment


Morning ladies, a few of you wanted to me keep you updated with how this pregnancy is going so just thought I’ll do that. Currently feeling positive within myself ! Thank god for that, eating what I want when I feel like it but also moderately. Haven’t gained much weight I’m hoping not to go past a certain weight within this pregnancy. I’ve got a midwife appointment on Friday I’ll let you know how it goes, by gods grace xx

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Morning Butterfly93

Good to hear from you and thanks for taking time to update us. I'm glad you're feeling positive and that you have a midwife appointment on Friday. Exciting, times ... enjoy the week and rest if you can :) Take care.

Awww thanks Lilybeth! I’ll definitely try keep you updated on how it goes and will rest too xx


Hello Butterfly93, good to hear your update. Take care and you know where we are if you need anything, feeling positive is great to hear. All the best, xx

Awwwww thanks Hannah ! I appreciate that xx

Good morning

Glad you are feeling positive, I’m currently 19 weeks pregnant with my second child and I know how tough this lockdown has been!

Good luck with your midwife appointment on Friday

in reply to Rkmummy

Good morning Rkmummy, thanks hun ! Wishing you all the best with your pregnancy x


Hi Butterfly93

I hope your appointment with the midwife goes well tomorrow :) Thinking of you .... take care. x

Awwww thanks Lilybeth I truly appreciate that hun ! I’m so excited for tomorrow x

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