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Lack of sleep is crippling on sertraline


So past two nights haven’t taken sleeping tablets. But the first night I woke at 3.30 after falling asleep 10.30. Wide awake. Tossed and turned. Was bit hot. Last night woke gain at 3.40 after staying up till 11 woke up really hot. Had dreams past two nights. I’m nearly two weeks in still on low dose of 25 mg. will this ease off? If I stay on it they will up the dose. Since I’ve taken this AD my sleep has been awful. I’m

Not as panicky just withdrawn and so tired. Babysitting duties start next week. Want to hide away from the world lol

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Hi Lisajs1011,

I am sorry you are having a hard time with sleeping at the moment.

I had postpartum psychosis in 2015 and I was on Sertraline in combination with some other medication. Although I didn’t have too many problems with my sleep, I do remember having quite strong side effects when I started the medication. This lasted for a few weeks, but did settle down.

I hope over time that this settles for you, is there anyone you can talk to about your sleep and how the medication is making you feel?

It is good that you are not as panicky, but I can understand how tired you might be feeling. I hope you are ok and not too exhausted today,

Take care,

Sally x

I’ve had quite harsh side effects. Nausea. Knotted stomach. Anxiety. Headaches and the lack of sleep. Lost nearly a stone so far. Going back to doctors Monday to talk about upping it or another course of something else or coming off it. Got hypnotherapy Monday to see if that helps with anxiety and the overthinking. When I wake my heads bombarded with worries. Thank you fit you response. I’m hoping these will continue to lessen x

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