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getting pregnant again

before i got married on 2013 i suffered from ptsd,post traumatic stress disorder.i had my one year medication and stop taking medicines.i got married on may 2013 and got pregnant without having my medication my depression return again and after the pregnancy i suffered post partum depression and was advice to take prodin anti depressant and renuvie anti psychotic until now im taking my medicines.is it ok for me to get pregnant again after what i went through

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Hi Charline - what a lot you have been through! I don’t think any of us here on the forum will be able to give you any definitive answers to your question, but hopefully we can support you through whatever you decide to do. There are also some really helpful “insider guides” which APP have produced which might also be a great resource for you. Especially this one: app-network.org/wp-content/...

You’ll find many of the forum users have gone on to have second pregnancies and it seems (from my reading!) that if you approach it with caution and put in place lots of support and safe guards and care plans etc then it tends to go really well.

Best of luck with whatever you decide,

Kat x


We have been advised to ask for a preconception planning meeting with our peri-natal team. You can refer yourself directly to them in our area or ask you gp to do this. If you are already pregnant, you can still request the meeting so they can look at medications etc and your options. I hope this helps. I wish you all the best x


Dear Charlene , understandably you have a lot to cope with and it’s a worry for you with what happened in the past . Have you thought of asking your psychiatrist for his opinion and maybe ask for a second opinion too? There are also very effective therapies for PTSD which may never have been fully addressed and it’s possibly something still affecting the situation? With my second one I had a hard time with p n d ... after ppp with the first ; it’s your important decision and hopefully you will get professional help in making the v best choice .. do wish you good luck , love and the best of health . Take care . Denise x


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