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Christian forum to connect with others?

Hello all,

Just wondering if any of you know of any Christian forums for other who have been through PP? Whether it’s on Facebook or elsewhere.

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Hi makingprogress,

I haven't heard of any forum specifically for Christians affected by PP, but I am sure if you wanted to start a thread here, or share your experience a bit, I hope you would get replies from other Christians.

People do sometimes post on here about their faith (I'll have to try and find a previous thread you might find helpful to read). We all have our own individual journeys which people can share... I know I had a lot of experiences / questions I wanted to explore around my faith, and I had a great friend who really supported me when I was ill with this (she is a spiritual director).

I did want to let you know of the charity Mind and Soul Foundation, a Christian mental health charity - I will be honest and say I don't know much about them at all, but you may find it helpful to take a look at their website?

I hope this is helpful,



Thank you so much for your response! I know no one in my family/friend circle who had gone through PP, postpartum depression but not PP, which as you know is totally different.

It would be great to connect with others that believe in Jesus and to share my faith journey as well.

I will certainly look at the foundation you shared and I plan on sharing my story here as well.

I joined about a week ago and am very encouraged by the support and fellowship here

Thanks again ☺️

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That's great, I really hope you will get some replies on here, I'm sure you will. I'm really glad you've found this forum helpful, it really is such a supportive, safe and accepting place.

take care,

Ellie X


Hello Makingprogress

As Ellie mentioned, some mums have posted about their faith and I came across one from a while ago entitled "Faith & PP" with some good replies which might be of interest, the link being If the link doesn't work you can search in the box at the top right of this page and find it under "Faith & PP".

We are all privileged that mums can share their thoughts and feelings openly on the forum as there is no one here to judge or offend. It can also be a release to get all your thoughts out and be understood by mums who have walked in your shoes ..... but all in your own time.

Take care.

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Hi ‘MakingProgress’,

Love your Facebook name :)

I’m a fellow Christian, who has been through PP twice.

Thanks for asking this question, and I will be interested to see who else joins the conversation.

I’m part of a Facebook group, connecting Australian Mums with each other who have experienced PP.

Connecting with and meeting other real people who get it has been so beneficial.

And a few of us in that group are Christians :)

I can definitely recommend Nicki Jeffery who is writing a book just for us! Will put the link in another reply.

Psalm 71 was my go-to when I went through it my 2nd time.

Love and prayers,



If you want to connect through Facebook, send me a private message in here first :)


Hi MakingProgress.

I am also a christian who's experienced PP and happy to chat about things. I found that my faith gave me hope when I was recovering, although when I was psychotic I veered between having spiritual moments where I could "feel" God's presence and utter despair where I felt like it was all a lie.

I've found that church has been both a source of support and of challenge at times but I definitely feel that I am on a spiritual journey as well as one of recovery.



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Hi Makingprogress, I wanted to share this article with you that you may find encouraging.

And also invite you to "Encouraging Mums with Hope" Its a facebook group for Christian Women affected by Perinatal Mental Illness.

Love to connect with you there :)


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