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Hi all,

I just want to give those currently suffering with PPP or recovering from PPP hope that it does end and fully recovering is possible!

I had PPP in September 2016 after the birth of my daughter. I was sectionned and admitted to a MBU out of area due to no services locally. I was an inpatient for 2 weeks and responded well to treatment.

Unfortunately debilitating depression set in and due to poor services in my area I had no other option but to go back in a MBU in February 2017 and I was an impatient for 2 months.

When I was diahcarged in April I felt well and myself again and i was fortunate that funding was provided so that I could continue to see my perinatal psychiatrist out of area. I have to say the care I have received from my psychiatrist and her perinatal team has been first class and without them I wouldn't be well again.

I went back to work in my previous professional role in July and I have been back at work 8 weeks and have been performing well. I was concerned if my memory/ concentration had been affected but so far there are no signs. I was also worried about managing stress but I have to say so far I am managing this better than I did before as having PPP had made me more aware now.

I held a 1st birthday party for my daughter last week. All things I couldnt even consider doing when I was so poorly.

I promise it does get better with the right medical care and patience. Dig in there. PPP makes you a stronger person and an amazing mum.


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Hello LA88

So good to hear your positive update which will give hope to new mums and families here. It's lovely to read how happy and well you are now, celebrating your daughter's birthday and return to work.

We're all celebrating with you :) Take care xx


Such a lovely post - thanks for sharing your story and a very happy belated first birthday to your little one!

Best wishes Kat x


What a lovely post to read, thanks for sharing. There is still some way to go so that all areas will have perinatal services and it's good to hear you experienced good care, even if it was out of area.

Great to hear you had a lovely birthday party too, enjoy the special moments with your family (time really does fly, it's 8 yrs for me this month!) 😊 take care, xx


Thanks for this, it's really good to hear - thanks for inspiring me x

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