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Hi there everyone.

It has been a while since my last post.

I think I am going through the menopause, I am having a lot of flashbacks and nightmares, and I am very teary. I am being triggered by a lot of things n TV and in the news.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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Hi Poulson,

Sorry to hear things are tricky at the moment. Have you got a supportive GP or other health worker you could talk to? I know my Dr is fantastic and if I ever have any worries (MH or otherwise) I always feel better after an appointment with them.

Flashbacks can be hard and also very tiring. Are you managing to sleep well or is that disturbed at the moment with the nightmares you mention too? Sometimes being over-tired can also make things feel worse.

Perhaps if you can speak to a GP and explain how you are feeling and your concerns, they will be able to suggest something? Whether medication, talking therapy or otherwise? This will also possibly depend on whether you have any other MH diagnosis or are taking meds at the moment which could perhaps be adjusted if needed.

There is also some useful information in the FAQs section of the APP website. There is some, although limited, research into whether those of us who have had PP are at risk of episodes of illness at other times, and this also might be helpful to you, and for your Dr too. It's the final bullet point on this link:

There have been some other posts about menopause on here recently and if you type it into the search bar, more threads might come up which could be useful. Take care, xx

Dear Poulson,

after birth & PPP I went straight into the stage of perimenopause. I have been mentioning my symptoms previously.

I try to lead a very stress free life. It is possible, because of my home sanctuary and wonderful partner, who looks out for me. Beside my social and angora phobia I struggle with the menstrual cycle (possible menstrual psychosis). However, throughout my recovery I have focused on an alternative route without anti depressants.

I am re-learning and manifesting my Buddhist ethos and participate in a yoga class. This year I started to meditate again mindfulness of breathing. All in stepping stones, in my previous life :-),before PPP I used to be a yogi and went on many meditation retreats.

Sometimes I miss work, but replace it with my personal & flexible objectives such as offering my son enhanced learning opportunities (extended learning through play).

I personnaly enjoy therapeutic creativity, and even now picked up on studying with future learn (an amalgamation of Universities offering online courses for free) in order to use my cognition and keep those brain cells going.

Apropos, social media and TV is kept to a affects my well being, even political events such as Brexit or presidential election in the USA. Recently I started watching comedy on eye player at night...when mind racing...and obviously loads of colour splash (painting).

All the best to all those ladies, where hormones just do not want to rest :-) & still suffer with mental health issues, illnesses, conditions after PPP.

Sabine :-)

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Hello there. I am just about through my menopause having started it quite early. My episode of pp was 1988. When I feel what I describe as a bit overwhelmed I make sure I am eating properly and getting sleep and drinking enough water. I picked up a really useful leaflet recently which offered calming suggestions based on vision hearing smell taste and touch. I will try to send you a copy. The key is to look after yourself. Practice mindfulness , colouring in is very popular these days too and for me simple knitting is very relaxing. I just made a long multi coloured scarf with chunky wool on larger needles. Plus I watch what I Call lovely films nothing harrowing or upsetting. Do hope you are able to talk to your gp so they might check iron levels and hormones which can play their part. Hoping you begin to feel a bit better. Helen x

Hi Poulson,

Sorry to hear you are having a difficult time with flashbacks and nightmares etc. It is well worth seeking some medical advice from your GP or health care worker.

I had an early menopause in my mid 30's and took HRT to replace the oestrogen which helped to alleviate symptoms such as mood swings and night sweats etc.

There is a lot of useful information available on the web and I have included a couple of links which may be of use.

Anyway all the very best to you. Vee x

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