Action on Postpartum Psychosis

"Yes I said Psychosis"

Had a health interview for Life Insurance today. (Here in the US people pay a yearly "premium" to an insurance company in case of death, then a certain amount will be given to your family, the cost amount of the yearly fee goes up depending on health factors, yes that does sound crazy)

So after 5 years I thought I would not have to tell a complete stranger amount my PP. But, she had to ask certain questions, so I had to be truthful and this is what she said

"Psychosis?? Not Postpartum Depression"

"Yes psychosis"

Sometimes I just so want this chapter to be archived and buried. I love time with kido (when he isn't acting like a nagging 5 year old). Just hate that PP keeps rearing it's ugly, scary, no good face!

Thank you all for reading.

May your days be better, your dark moments less, and know you are a Warrior Mama!! (And Dada's, grandparents, friends)

Scatter Kindness

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I can relate to being honest about having psychosis and the odd questioning of strangers. Many years ago, when I was trying to get back into work, I went for a job interview and ticked the box asking if I had ever had a mental illness. Two women interviewed me and asked me to explain PP and how it had affected me following childbirth .......

To be honest it took me back to the days when I sat across from my Psychiatrist and his team, when I felt vulnerable and tongue tied. Needless to say I wasn't offered the job!! I eventually went down the temporary agency work route which suited me at the time.

I'm quite an old 'warrior mama' and have learned to be wary about 'coming out' to strangers, even friends. I once had a friend to whom I admitted I had been sectioned due to PP and haven't heard from her since!!

I think rather than looking at 'psychosis' in a negative way, people need to realise how much we have overcome, what strong characters we are, very caring, loving and more than capable.

Sending you a big virtual hug from across the pond ........ xx


Thank you so much! Yes, it should be more about how we are warriors who have persevered.

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Sux doesn't it that we are forced into telling people about it and you just get the look like hmm you must be a crazy person, avoid! So good to have this forum to share on. Haven't really had problem as yet as haven't changed work place but guess it may be a problem if I do! Stink! Anyway yes warrior mamas everyone. Psychosis is hidious and to come out of it in one piece and still be a fab mum which I'm sure you all are is amazing! So need more info out there about this illness so we don't have to deal with the you must be crazy looks!


Hi K8stack, Lilybeth and uksarah,

Yes, it's annoying isn't it?! Some people are understanding but others, I just think we are never going to get there - but I will certainly keep trying and do all I can to raise awareness and hopefully reduce stigma

Whilst we are lucky in the UK to have the NHS and not have the need for the medical insurance questionnaires you mention, I do recall having to declare my episode of pp in connection with mortgage related life insurance. At the time it was still very raw and I let my husband deal with the call, but it did upset me.

I absolutely agree that having this space to share and relate to others is so invaluable. All the best to each and every one of us! Have a lovely weekend, xx


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