Insomnia during second pregnancy

I'm about 24wks into my second pregnancy - 18m post PPP with my first baby. I'm well other than being tired but I can't sleep! Or I can, but for short bursts (say an hour or two). It doesn't help that toddler and work means I can't nap when I'm tired but even when I should sleep I'm just - awake. I don't feel high or low or energized or anything. I'm not super stressed or down. Just have insomnia.

Anyone else get this with second pregnancy? How worried would you be?

I'm not on meds, no other mental health diagnoses though planned for lithium prophylaxis post partum this time (I'm in Australia). I could call psych but I have routine appt in 3 weeks, wondering if it can wait till then.

Thanks in advance :)

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  • Just a thought, but would it be practical to join a pregnancy yoga/exercise class or breathing and relaxation class as ways of building up a natural sleepiness without recourse to meds in first instance? Not always time to build these things into a busy schedule I know. It sounds like you're doing so well!

  • Thanks for the suggestion - don't think I can make a class but I'll look into apps/cd based relaxation - cant hurt!

  • Hi, I've known many women to have pregnancy induced insomnia and no PP...and I've had PP twice, with no insomnia in pregnancy. Try to keep your worries to a minimum, enjoy pregnancy and take precautions. X

  • I remember not being able to sleep last pregnancy and that didn't worry me then - it's just after everything else happening I'm paranoid. Nice to be reminded that normal pregnancy symptoms happen too.

  • Oh I know, with potential PP on the horizon, we can feel everything is symptomatic. Sadly, worry and stressors can really make all problems worse. I'm a yogi, and used meditation throughout my second pregnancy to calm me down, and would recommend. Try and put your worries aside, many, many women do not experience it a second time. I did, but there is a relationship between the fact mine was not treated first time around. Xx

  • Hi Flowerfern,

    Being pregnant and working can be really hard going. When insomnia goes on for a long time it can be very difficult to switch off to go to sleep. From my own experience I found work very stressful and I survived on very little sleep. In hindsight I should have reduced my hours and had more rest. I understand with you having a toddler it may be difficult to have some time to yourself. If at all possible are you able to reduce your hours of work or take some time to unwind? At the time I did not listen to my family about how busy I was and the insomnia got worse. If you have the chance to have a bit more time to yourself I think you will feel more relaxed and hopefully will sleep better.

    Maybe see how you get on and if you are still unable to sleep in the next few days, is it possible to bring forward your appointment with your Doctor?

    Take care, hope things get easier,


  • It's funny hearing that from someone other than family - particularly my husband! I theoretically can work less - but I've been putting it off since I don't want to let down my workplace and money is already a bit tight. But he keeps saying my health is more important - maybe it's time to listen? :) thanks.

  • Aw I think your husband is so right, your health is more important. I learned the hard way and did not want to let my workplace down. They had given me a job and I felt I owed it to them to go to work. I dragged myself in an was very deprived of sleep and suffered later. Best of luck, take care, Sarah

  • I could not sleep during my last pregnancy and I went on to have PP after the birth. I used to sleep for the first 4 hours or so then woke really hungry and could not get back to sleep. So I used to eat and then read for an hour or so before getting back into bed. Just dozed on and off til the morning. I started at about 20 weeks and continued right through the pregnancy. Please seek professional advice.

  • Hi Flowerfern,

    I too am in Australia. How has your sleep been going? I had PP in 2011 and then a slight recurrence (quickly halted by medication) in 2013. I guess my only reassurance is that the second time around I was more aware of my state of mind and so quickly picked up on the its not 'normal' state.

    You stated you had insomnia during your 1st pregnancy so it's probably not too concerning. Unless you feel that you are heading towards mania or depression. Hopefully you've found that meditation or breathing techniques have helped. I found that relaxation music would help me stop thinking about things.

    Good Luck.

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