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Can I change hospitals?

I've been thinking about my choice of hospitals recently and I would like to change what was my original choice. I chose what I thought would be the better hospital but I've spoken to my obstetrician today and I'm now under the impression that they are both equally as good. However my original choice was with a hospital 30 miles away from me but the other one is just 10 miles away and due to the fact that I will be kept in with my baby for a few days following birth it does make sense to go to the closer one. All I want to know is am I allowed to change hospital? I'm 21 weeks so a while to go. My next appt with the midwife is in 4 weeks so is it worth giving her a call beforehand so she can sort it out now?

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Hi smiles1975

I'm pretty sure you will be able to change to a new choice of hospital. Sounds like it would be worth phoning your midwife just to confirm and put your mind at rest.

Glad things are coming together for your antenatal planning. Well done!



Hi smiles1975

As Naomi says I think the answer will be yes you can change hospital. I went out of area for a few reasons just recently although I had to say at my "booking in" with the midwife early days, as there was different paperwork to complete depending which hospital I went to. Good old NHS! I would also give your midwife a ring, but I think you can give your reasons and there is something about personal choice as well. Are the hospitals in the same Trust? If not there may be some communication issues but your midwife, GP or even MH Worker would be ideally placed to do any chasing work on your behalf. And I think your reasoning for being closer to home due to planning a longer stay in hospital makes sense.

All the best with it. Take care.


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